12 Reasons to Join Prodigies Lifetime this April


Discover 12 Reasons to Join Prodigies Lifetime this April

1. NEW Videos Featuring Ms. Sam & the Xylophone

We’ve received a lot of requests for more female vocals and some more xylophone action inside the program.

On top of that, we’ve heard from a few people that they wanted lessons and songs harder than Preschool Prodigies but also easier than Primary Prodigies.

To make that happen, we’re recording a ton of new videos featuring Ms. Sam and the songs from Performance Prodigies.

This collection of new lessons & songs will make a great primer for Primary Prodigies (without the word Preschool in it) as well as an excellent follow up to Preschool Prodigies (without getting as heavy into the concepts as Primary Prodigies).

2. NEW Course Progressions in TEACH

We’ve also been chipping away at outlining more thorough lesson guides & course progressions inside the TEACH area.

The video progressions for Chapters 3 – 8 are now available, though the lesson plans for these chapters are not complete just yet (coming soon).

This more step by step approach combines different Prodigies series for a more holistic and concept-centric approach.

You can jump in and enjoy the video progression now, or if you’re already planning your next school year, these will help you understand more about the scope and breadth of Prodigies more generally.

These first 8 Chapters within Years 1 & 2 take us through Playtime Prodigies, Preschool Prodigies, Performance Prodigies Level 1 & and a fair amount of PsP Melodies!

Future chapters inside years 3 & 4 will tackle Primary Prodigies, Recorder & Ukulele Prodigies.

3. NEW Totigies CD Coming 4/23

Prodigies music producer Michael Lining (and his son Boo), have been hard at work on a new CD series for our youngest learners!

The first volume of Totigies is due out on April 23rd! Totigies is a Solfege centric ear-training series for pre-natal infants, babies & toddlers. It features the voice of Prodigies wonder-kid Boo, who takes your babies on Solfege-rich journey of arpeggios, scales, chord progressions & chromaticism.

It has the sound and instrumentation of popular melodic lullabies for kids (slow and relaxing piano & bells), but with an added focus on Solfege and progressions popular in the Taneda method for absolute pitch development.

It also features a bit of high information music and some more improvised chromaticism inspired by Rick Beato & the folks at Nuryl.

We’re putting the finishing touches on Volume I now and have set the release date for 4/23.

And of course, it will be available to download for Lifetime Members as soon as it is ready!!

4. Best Prices of the Year End 4/30 @ 11:59 HST

Before our Prodigies Lifetime price increase on May 1st, we’re running a month of savings inside the Prodigies Shop!

Save 50% on Prodigies Lifetime, 33% on Go & Pro Memberships, & 10% on Books & Bells!

5. May 1st Price Increase on Lifetime

With all of the new series, features & developments coming to Prodigies, there’s going to be a base-level price increase on Prodigies Lifetime on May 1st, 2019.

The base level price will be going up by $201 (from $999 to $1200), and it’s on sale for $600 all month long.

Sale ends on April 30th & 11:59 PST!

6. Over 75 Songs Inside Performance Prodigies Level 1

There are now over 75 instructor-free sheet music videos inside of Performance Prodigies Level 1.

We began production on Level 1 almost exactly a year ago to help add more Orff styled music to Prodigies and we just completed the first Level’s worth of teacher-free videos!

What’s great about these videos is that they…

  • combine multiple instruments for ensemble practice
  • students can rotate through each part and/or instrument
  • are instructor free (great for teachers to use as a front of the classroom tool)
  • take place on the treble clef

We are currently adding Ms. Sam to the videos inside Performance Prodigies for some additional instruction elements, which means that Level 1 will round out with something close to 150 videos.

But of course, the teacher-free Performance tracks will still be there to use for your next rehearsal or recital.

As we get further into Primary Prodigies, we’ll be producing a Level 2 of Performance Prodigies designed to compliment that series more specifically. Those videos will feature more harmonies, more difficult songs and more chromatic notes. There’s not an official schedule for Level 2 yet, but it’s looking like a late 2019 or early 2020 project for us!

7. Ukulele Prodigies Coming This Summer

We’ve also planned the first 3 levels of Ukulele Prodigies, where Mr. Rob will teach students of all ages how to approach Hawaii’s favorite instrument–the Ukulele.

We’ve been working on scripts, lessons & sheet music to hopefully batch a whole bunch of production this Spring for an early Summer release and we’re hoping to use the beautiful scenery of Hawaii to bring some aloha into your classroom!

8. Download Hall Improvements

One of the key features of Prodigies Lifetime is the Download Hall, where Lifetime Members can download videos for continued offline use.

These downloads are great for teachers on the go (or with an unreliable Internet connection) and for homeschooling families with lots of kids who want a more cost-effective, long-term option.

We recently re-organized the Download Hall to have a clearer interface and two new categories (Rhythm & Listening) and we’ve added some new videos as well to make sure the catalog is 100% current.

We’re also working on re-configuring the actual downloading mechanism to make it a bit more intuitive and quicker to use, and those changes should be live on the site before the end of April!

9. More Spring & Summer Releases in Playtime (Ages 1+) & Primary Prodigies (Ages 6+)

Besides new episodes featuring Ms. Sam and the new series Ukulele Prodigies, we’re also working on new episodes for Playtime & Primary Prodigies!

The new Playtime episodes are designed for toddlers to help them develop the foundations for musical learning. These videos feature both silly songs and opportunities for meaning exposure to pitch.

We’ll be doing some animal listening games (shown above) as well as some more movement-centric songs, and even some intra-verbal (fill in the blank) type songs for your toddlers!

On the opposite end of the difficult spectrum, we’ve been building out more advanced material Inside Primary Prodigies Chapter 2, which will be completed by the end of May.

Chapter 2 (shown above) includes more difficult concepts and theory around intervals and harmony.

The first half of Chapter 2 has introduced each interval by learning a famous song that starts with that interval.

The end half of Chapter 2 is going to wrap up by talking about part-writing, inverse intervals & by introducing some simultaneous harmonies (harmonic intervals) for 2 and 3 voices.

This will allow you and your kids to see how harmonies are constructed in popular music and how you can use what you know about intervals to make choices about the kind of harmonies you want to sing!

10. New Chromatic Bells & High/Low Extensions

Part of creating more advanced lessons in Primary Prodigies is finally offering Chromatic Deskbells that will allow us to explore more advanced tonalities and play all kinds of songs in lots of different keys.

As such, we have begun pre-selling TWO NEW SETS of Deskbells…

  • Chromatic Expansion (C# D# F# G# A#)
  • High/Low Extension (Low A, A#, B – High C#, D, D#, E)

You can learn lots more about the Chromatic Deskbells here and even pre-order them now!

11. C Major Deskbells are almost back in stock and have been selling out quickly… pre-order NOW to guarantee availability!

As they’ve grown in popularity, it’s been difficult to lock down our C Major Deskbells in large quantities. These days, we’ve been selling out of bells almost as quickly as we can stock them!

We’ve been sold out since February 2nd, so we have a whole bunch of pre-orders that will be eating up a large amount of the incoming shipment that’s set to arrive around May 3rd.

We’re guaranteeing a May 21st ship date, but we’ll be doing our best to get them out as soon as they arrive to us (so hopefully a bit faster).

Combined with our April savings and the May 1st price increase, now really is a great time to jump in on Prodigies Lifetime!

12. Compared to our Competitors…

If you’ve been looking for music curriculum online, you might have run into QuaverMusic.com.

While the Quaver curriculum is a good one, it’s priced at about $1,000 per year. That’s a lot of money every year!!

With Prodigies though, you can get LIFETIME access to ProdigiesMusic.com for just $600. That’s one and done, and you can use Prodigies in your classroom for years and years and years to come!

How are we able to offer this kind of price? Well for starters, we’re a very lean company with just 2 full-time employees.

Plus, Prodigies is still a work in progress, so your Lifetime membership is an early investment in a company that’s just begun to get its legs.

And unlike Quaver, we try to make music accessible to families and schools working with a smaller budget, which is why our memberships range from $13.39 a month to the current $600 price point for Prodigies Lifetime.

Learn More About Prodigies Lifetime

Or click here to see Lifetime products

MOYC19 Savings End April 30th @ 11:59 HST

We also offer a 60 day refund period and a 100% percent satisfaction guarantee.

If you have any questions, you can call us at (302) 307-1997, or chat us up in the bottom corner of the website.

Happy music making and thanks for checking out this update from Prodigies!

3 thoughts on “12 Reasons to Join Prodigies Lifetime this April”

  1. Is there a video that teaches the intro music that is used to introduce each PSP video. The kids at my school really want to lean how to play along with the intro song.

    Where do I find the new songs with xylophone action and Ms. Sam? I am using resonator bells because it was a cheaper starting point than desk bells. How would you teach the Prodigies program in a primary school if you only had resonator bell sets? How can I include the new range of chromatic bells?

    Because I am new at the school and new to music teaching, I have started all the classes from prep to Year 4 this year on the Year 1 teach lessons. My hope was to give all students a firm foundation and to move the older students through the program more quickly than students in the younger grades. Next year I will begin Primary prodigies with the older students. Does this sound like a good approach?

    1. So we do have a plan to tackle the theme in 3 or 4 parts – basically an easy, medium and hard version – but we haven’t officially tackled it yet. That said, in Primary 2.3 (https://prodigies.com/primary-2-3-lesson-1-3rds-thirds/) – right at 6:38 – we talk about how the theme is made up of 2nds and 3rds. I was going to try and get the whole theme song unit into that part of the curriculum, but we decided it’d be better as a song study with 3-4 lessons (kind of like how we did Baby Shark). It’s definitely coming though and maybe something I can film this month

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