Important Announcement Regarding Prodigies Lifetime

1. We’re at 1,597 Lifetime Members (as of June 1st, 2020) and we’re closing Lifetime enrollments as an option once we hit 2,000 Members.

NOTE: Our Lifetime Membership grants Lifetime access to ProdigiesMusic.com and 3 Years of Tablet Apps (+75% off App Renewals). Learn more below

As our small family company continues to grow, we’re prepping to FINALLY remove our Lifetime Membership as an option from our shop (and for good this time).

Over the past 2 years, we’ve slowly but surely been making the switch from a lifetime online course to a subscription streaming service. It’s been a hectic and rather stressful transition, but moving to more affordable monthly subscriptions is more in line with our long term goals of reaching a larger audience and being able to add new materials to Prodigies for years and years to come.

Deja Vu?

When we first launched our streaming apps in August 2018, we tried to do away with Prodigies Lifetime. All summer long, we shouted “Bye Bye Lifetime” in every corner of our little Prodigies world and we pulled the Lifetime plug in the first week of September.

By December of that year though, we were essentially forced to bring it back to keep the company afloat. We hadn’t yet acquired enough streaming members to support our most basic expenses, and furthermore, we needed the short-term profits from selling Lifetime Memberships to fund the growth of our streaming service.

Since then though, we’ve been optimizing and prioritizing the marketing of our monthly membership, ad we finally have more than enough members to keep the streaming service afloat. The monthly apps, which are built and maintained by Vimeo, allow you watch Prodigies from your TV, your tablet, your phone and the web, and it’s at a lower monthly price point that more folks can afford.

Over the past 6 months, we’ve gotten increasingly closer to the amount of monthly memberships we need to be Lifetime-independent. Back in 2018, we were selling Lifetimes and Monthly at almost the same pace, where as these days, we’re getting about 15 monthly signups for every 1 Lifetime membership.

This time, we’re also not putting an arbitrary date on the end of Lifetime, but rather a member cap that will be more manageable for us in the long-term.

Who Is the Lifetime Membership For?

The Lifetime Membership is for folks who…

  • have a larger budget (or are writing a grant) and would rather pay once and be done
  • have poor wifi or internet connectivity and want MP4 downloads for use offline
  • plan to mostly use the website and the MP4 downloads (instead of the apps, because the apps are not Lifetime)

Who Is the Lifetime Membership Not For?

The Lifetime Membership is probably not for you if…

  • your working with a smaller budget
  • you plan on mostly using Prodigies on your TV or tablet (instead of our website)
  • you’re not sure how long you’ll use Prodigies for

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