7 Reasons to Shop Prodigies This July 4th Week

Our 4th of July Sale is in full swing this week! From new videos, to epic discounts, to limited deskbells, our new VIP list & more, check out 7 Epic Reasons to Enroll in Prodigies THIS WEEK!!!

1. Better than Back-to-School Prices

From now through July 8th, you can check out the Prodigies Shop to find

On July 9th, the prices will ALL reset for a week or two as we get pre-orders and Ultimate Kits out the door.

Back to School specials will start late in July, but they’ll be significantly less epic (10-25% less give or take) so make sure to get chec THIS WEEK at Shop.Prodigies.com

2. NEW Piano Prodigies Videos, New Chromatic Bell Videos & More Advanced Songs Than Ever

Every week, we put out new videos that push the curriculum inside Prodigies to new heights!

Lately that’s meant new Piano Prodigies episodes, more difficult lessons featuring all 20 Deskbells and even easier lessons focused on developing a better understanding of the Chromatic Bells (the sharps and flats).

Look for new releases every Monday to keep you and your kids engaged, challenged and always on the road to improving your musical skills.

3. Limited Quantity of Deskbells

The next shipment of Deskbells is already en route from Texas to our facility in Delaware and bells will begin shipping in the 2nd week of July!!

That said, we’ve only have 900 C Major Deskbells arriving mid July and just about HALF are already accounted for.

Schools, districts & co-ops are scooping up instruments NOW for the Back to School Season, and you can check out our Bulk Instrument options at…

Bells will ship out from our Delaware facility around July 12th (they’re currently on the truck from port to our office)!!

4. New App Features (and more coming soon)

Over the last few weeks, we’ve rolled out a handful of new features inside our web and mobile apps!

Namely, you can now mark videos as “Watched” and also “Resume Where You Left Off.” The videos you’ve watched will appear a bit lighter in color than the ones you’ve yet to view, which makes it much easier to track your progress through the Prodigies Music Curriculum.

Check it out in action inside the Prodigies Index here!

5. NEW Index Featuring ALL 600+ Videos from Prodigies

Our Index contains ALL 600+ Videos from Mr. Rob & the Prodigies Team, and it got a MASSIVE revamp this year. It’s complete with new covers, new filters, clearer progressions, more search terms and tons of other details to help you quickly find the material you’re looking for.

You can check out the complete Index here or check out a video tour here!

6. Our Next Virtual Choir Project Will Be this August through November, and everyone’s going to need bells for this one!

We’re only a month away from announcing our next virtual choir project!

We heard from so many people something similar to “we HAVE to be in the next one,” and so we’re giving everyone more time, resources and encouragement to make the next VC even better.

You can check out the Sweet Beets Virtual choir above, which we did in celebration of the Week of the Young Child.

The upcoming VC will be winter themed with details launching in August, so members should stay tuned for how to get involved soon.

7. NEW VIP Text List w Extra 10% Off Coupon, Easy 1 to 1 Communication & Special Updates

We JUST introduced a Text Messaging List to Prodigies and so far, everyone is LOVING it.

It’s a super easy way for folks to reach out to us with quick questions about the curriculum, shopping or support.

So far, we haven’t even sent any broadcast texts – it’s almost all be 1 to 1 messages between our team and all of you. It’s been WAY faster (and more fun) than email, and in just a week we’ve used to help people track down their orders, find their favorite videos, and lock down that extra 10% Off.

It’s fast, it’s easy and maybe most importantly, it’s SUPER EASY to opt out. No more looking for unsubscribe links or trying to get off 3 different email lists — it’s just as simple as replying STOP and that’s it.

The fastest way to join the text list is to visit Prodigies.com and click the Teal Button “Save 10%” in the bottom right corner!

Happy July 4th

We hope you have a wonderful Holiday Weekend and make sure to drop by the Prodigies Shop for Savings BEFORE END OF DAY JULY 8TH!!!