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A colorful, fun & accessible program to get your kids singing tunefully, hand-signing with Solfege and playing their first instrument.

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My First Chromatic Songbook
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Colorful Classics Songbook
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What parents & teachers are saying


I just wanted to say thank you so much for making this course!! My son is 3.5 and mostly non-verbal, was completely about 6 months ago but he’s been in speech therapy for 1.5 years now. I have sang to him and used music since he was an infant and he’s responded really well so when I seen this course I was super excited to check it out. We watched some of the videos on your youtube channel to check out what the course was like and my son was hooked from the very beginning!

Falon Kartz



I truly believe the Prodigies approach is fundamental and genuine. They care about the things that I care about- increasing pitch recognition, building chord memorization, and reinforcing rhythmic fluency. These are the building blocks that give musicians the innate skills to understand music performance and composition. The approach values pitch and rhythm at a higher cognitive level than any curriculum I’ve ever worked with. 

I’ve been amazed with the growth students have shown in class. For example, if I give students a set of notes, (C, D, and E) then play a simple pattern on the piano, I’m shocked at how many students are able to play the pattern back to me on their instruments. As we continue these kinds of studies, the students musical “ears” have become more refined. It’s so exciting to watch their eyes light up.

Ms. Carmen Schweiger

Music Teacher – Our Lady of Lourdes School


Prodigies is wonderful and high quality! I’ve been teaching music for 14 years, and it’s one of the best resources I’ve seen. I love the curriculum and my students and own children can’t get enough of PsP!

Rebekkah Smith

Music Teacher


I love the passion that Mr. Rob has in every lesson. I feel this is one of the best ways to teach young children the wonderful language of music.

Madyson Richardson

Homeschool Teacher


Prodigies Music Lessons is the BEST program I have used with my elementary music students. I HIGHLY recommend it to any elementary music teacher.

Dan Kinsman

K-5 Music Teacher

Learn More About Prodigies

Easy, Accessible & Fun for Kids 2-12

Build your child’s confidence and their love for learning with age appropriate and scaffolded lessons. Prodigies starts with simple one note studies and rhythm games and progresses to complex melodies, chords and college level Solfege.

Sheet Music, Worksheets & Lesson Plans

Easy, Attention Grabbing & Error Proof Sheet Music Your Kids Will Love. Perfect for off screen practice, child led play & ensemble rehearsals.

True Basic Musicianship
Real Musical Skills

Prodigies focuses heavily on instrumental, vocal and Solfege practice & performance to get your young musicians confident & concert-ready!

NEW 2023 Scope and Sequence Document

Learn more about the Prodigies Scope & Sequence below.


Prodigies is a streaming music program for kids.

Whether you’re a parent at home with no musical background, or a music teacher with 20 years experience, Prodigies will help make teaching your kids music easier than ever.

Prodigies combines fun video lessons & songs with easy-to-play instruments (like bells, books, recorder & ukuleles).

Prodigies Play, our suite of streaming apps maintains a low monthly price for digital access. Your membership unlocks all 700+ video music lessons and corresponding curriculum for you and anyone watching in your household. Learn more about our membership pricing here.

This option is also good for teachers using Prodigies as a front-of-class instruction tool. Or if your school is paying with a purchase order the 1 year membership works best. For student memberships, LMS features and student/teacher reporting, check out Prodigies Academy.

Prodigies videos are available on and through the Prodigies app (AppleTV, Roku4K, fireTV, iOS, Android).

We recommend a colorful set of Deskbells to follow along, which are durable & easy to play.

Don’t have any deskbells? That’s okay!

You can also follow along with the hand-signs or with mallet instruments, a piano, or our free Prodigies Bells app.

You can simply get out your bells and play along with the videos, or you can take things further with songbooks, workbooks, lesson plans & group activities. Teachers can even enroll students through our video based, standards aligned curriculum Prodigies Academy.

Our general music curriculum is built around a combination of singing with the Solfège Hand-Signs, and playing a colorful set of Deskbells.

We love the Deskbells because they’re easy to play & super durable.

Don’t have any deskbells? That’s okay!

A color-coded xylophone or piano would work just fine as well, depending on the age. You can also follow along with the hand-signs or with mallet instruments, a piano, or our free Prodigies Bells app.

Prodigies focuses on music theory, pitch training & playing a pitched instrument during your child’s critical period for auditory development.

We use colors, Solfege, numbers & hand-signs to make the musical notes accessible, memorable and fun.

By focusing on the language of music & music theory while kids are in this critical period for auditory development, Prodigies helps kids internalize the sound of the musical notes to make music almost second nature.

As your kids progress through Prodigies, they will develop a variety of musical skills & talents.

Pitch development through songs, games & activities about the musical notes

Rhythmic development through fun call and response songs (like Sweet Beets)

Listening & aural comprehensionskills with “Name that Note” & other listening games

Play their first instrument, either on the Deskbells, xylophone, piano, recorder or UkuleleCross-curriculum skills like patterning, sequencing, early math & hand-writing

Composition skills using composition activities

In addition to the above skills, learning music will help develop your child’s creativity, problem solving skills, perseverance & more.

Learning a musical instrument helps unlock the recipe for learning ALL skills and with Prodigies, learning music is fun & easy (even for parents and kids with no prior musical experience).

Most Prodigies materials are designed for kids ages 2-12, with different video series & course progressions covering different difficulties.

Our Playtime material is expanding the curriculum to infants & toddlers, and our Recorder, Ukulele & Bell Curriculum is progressing into more difficult concepts like intervals, harmonies & roman numeral analysis.

With your video membership, you unlock ALL of the videos for all of the different ages, which makes it easy to get started.

You can learn more about our scope & sequence here.

You need to cancel your membership from wherever you originally signed up. This might be right here on our website, or it might be through the App stores.

You can log in to our shop here

of if you signed up through our web app, you can check on your account at

What Folks are Saying...


This is the greatest resource I have found in my 28 years as a music educator! The K-3rd graders love everything about “Mr. Rob videos!” I also use it at home with my teenage daughter with special needs and my two young grandsons (5 & 6 years old)!

Mike Green

Music Teacher


My oldest (almost 5) LOVES this program. He asks to watch it constantly, and he’s learned a ton in just over 2 months. My youngest (18 mos) also absolutely loves playing with bells, tapping along to sweet beats, and laughs every time he sees the baby. THANK YOU! I’m very excited to get the kids interested in music so early in life.

Kelly Knight Churbuck



Absolutely love this program!
I found Mr Rob on YouTube when I was looking for ideas for my ESE music class. I am teaching it for the first time. It turns out they LOVE it and so do my other classes when I show it. I teach Middle School Orchestra 6-8 and have incorporated lessons where needed to reinforce concepts. It makes learning music theory and singing so much fun!

Karen Dillard

Music Teacher


This program has revitalized my 30 year teaching career! Bravo! My students are engaged and learning at a rapid rate. I use this program with my existing xylophone fleet and Boom Whackers with much success! Video lessons allow me to float around the room and correct students hand position and provide one on one instruction where needed. Older students also love the Recorder program. I am able to provide better feed back & it is saving my voice. ❤️this program!

Donna Tugby

Music Teacher


This has been so great for my kids, ages 23 mos to 6 yrs. My youngest can always recognize “Do” just by hearing the note and even sings “Do Re Mi Do” over and over to himself all day. It’s super cute. My kids love this. We do it daily after breakfast.

Tia Redford Pratt

Mom, Breakfast Lover


I  could go on for days about how wonderful PsP is! I use it to teach music in a special needs class setting, with my own young kids, and in one on one music lessons. It works for everybody! It is easy to facilitate and is excellent quality. It is fun and entertaining, but it truly teaches young kids how to make and appreciate music! It has also given me as a new music teacher confidence and guidelines to teach skills that build on each other and make sense.

Stephanie Powell

Adaptive Music Teacher

Off the Hook Music Lessons for Families of All Kinds