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Need an Instrument?

While you can tap, clap, sing & hand-sign along with Prodigies, it does help to have an instrument to focus on.

Free Bell App

Use your iOS or Android device to follow along on "Prodigies Bells," our free and easy-to-use bell instrument app.

C Major Bells

Use the C Major Bells with over 350 Prodigies videos. Click here to search Amazon for CNDBD

Hand-Sign Along

We make extensive use of the Solfege Hand Signs to make the musical notes more memorable, kinesthetic & memorable

Piano Friendly

Already have a piano? With a little color coding, your piano will be Prodigies friendly within minutes.

Xylophones, glockenspiels & mallet instruments are a bit harder than the deskbells which is fun for older toddlers & school age students.

Mallet Instruments

For folks ages 7+, we've begun introducing Ukulele lessons, songs & curriculum for 2020. 

NEW: Ukulele Course

Recorder Courses

Learn the recorder with a colorful & fun approach!

"This program has revitalized my 30 year teaching career! Bravo! My students are engaged and learning at a rapid rate. I use this program with my xylophones & Boomwhackers with much success!

Video lessons allow me to float around the room to correct students hand positions and provide one on one instruction where needed. I am able to provide better feed back & it is saving my voice. I ❤️ this program!"

Donna Tugby

Elementary Music Teacher

"My youngest son developed perfect pitch before he was age 4 by using Mr. Rob's lessons! He is 5 now , and loves to point what notes his Dad is playing on the guitar.

When he can't think of the name of a note he wants to hear, he says stuff like "Mom, I want the song that starts with a G Note! Prodigies music lessons are amazing!"

Jenni Lemerand


This is the most incredible thing! Jaime is 5, mostly non verbal.... she has never put more than 2 syllables of anything together unprompted.

I cried when she sang me Solfege and played her bells on the way to bed one night. She has been watching your video for about a month. Thank you for the magical thing that your program has done for her!

Jacki Walsh


Community of Parents, Teachers & Music Lovers

Families, teachers, studios & classrooms the world over are using Prodigies to make music fun, easy & accessible.

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Our Facebook group has over 1,000 active parents & teachers talking about lesson ideas, follow up activities, recital ideas and more.

Small Family Company

Prodigies is built and maintained by a small family company, so you'll likely come to know Mr. Rob, Ms. Sam & Mr. Michael pretty quickly.

Your Feedback is Heard!

We're always taking song requests, ideas for lessons & feedback of all kinds. As Prodigies grows, you get more videos, lessons & features for the same monthly price.

Stay Motivated & Get Support

Whether you're teaching remotely or at home with your kids, you're not alone when using Prodigies.

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