Big Changes to Prodigies

The Prodigies Team Has Big News!

This Thanksgiving weekend, we’re thrilled to announce a major change to ProdigiesMusic.com!

For the first time ever, we’re unlocking our lesson plans, worksheets & sheet music library to our monthly members.

These PDFs were previously only available through our Yearly & Lifetime Memberships, but we’re adding to them to our monthly offer in hopes of making our music lessons with Prodigies more successful for teachers & families the world over.

This change has already gone into effect, which means that anyone on a monthly subscription plan can now access all of our video course progressions, lesson plans, sheet music & worksheets.

Why the change?

We’re making this significant change for several reasons that we hope will provide additional value to the thousands of families and teachers using Prodigies Play (what was previously Prodigies Go).

Photo by Curtis Powell

1. Better Teacher & Student Experience

Without a doubt, the #1 reason for this change is to make a quality music education more accessible to anyone working through the Prodigies program.

Previously, with our lesson plans and curriculum locked behind a year-long commitment, it made it difficult for parents & teachers on a budget to access the step-by-step instructions to make the most of Prodigies.

We’ve also seen that teachers & families with the curriculum PDFs make better use of the program. They have a clearer path through the material and more ways to engage with their students.

In this way, we hope that monthly members who previously didn’t have the lesson plans & curriculum PDFs will now find increased success with the program.

2. A Focus on Engagement & Success

Our hope is that by simplifying our membership offerings and giving people a better experience, we’ll be able to shift our focus from finding new customers & explaining the subtle difference in our offerings to simply engaging more with our audience.

If our small family company can continue to grow in this way, we can look forward to weekly video releases, weekly live events & and more lessons to keep students learning and engaged over a longer period of time.

3. PDF Friendly Smartphone Apps

Our apps recently got the ability to host and show PDF files in addition to the videos.

This means that over the next few days and weeks, we’ll be working more colorful sheet music into the apps themselves.

This will make it easier than ever for teachers & students to access our colorful and bold sheet music right within the apps.

It’s also going to add a ton of value to the app for ALL of our users and is something we’re really excited about.

4. New Features & Products Coming to Prodigies

We’re also working on expanding Prodigies in some pretty exciting new ways.

One of our upcoming projects, Prodigies Pages, is going to allow users to download our colorful sheet music templates for Adobe Illustrator.

This will allow anyone who wants to take the time to learn the basics of AI to create colorful sheet music in the Prodigies style.

We are also building a video course to go with the templates which will hopefully make things a bit easier on folks.

The goal here is to build an online community of colorful sheet music composers and arrangers.

As we get user submitted songs and PDFs, we will add them as free downloads to current members.

This will allow our community to create & share more Prodigies-esque material beyond what our small team can create and manage on our own.

As we get into bigger and more community building projects like this one, it makes sense for all of our members, whether they’re monthly, yearly, or Lifetime, to have access to this same community building experience.

Plus, once the user-submitted songs start popping up, it’ll be a huge expansion of content for all of our users, making ALL of the memberships more valuable than ever before.

We’re also working on a host of projects for 2020 which possibly include…

  • more Playtime, Ukulele, Recorder & Primary episodes
  • new Playtime, Ukulele, Recorder & Primary workbooks
  • new lesson plans for Chapter 6 and above
  • a new podcast series that will focus on prepping teachers to teach the weekly lesson
  • new online training videos for parents & teachers
  • the introduction of weekly live concerts with Mr. Rob in the Prodigies app

Consistent Community

Not only are we hoping to increase everybody’s success with the program, but we’re hoping this change will make things a bit more consistent throughout our community.

Sometimes when users have a spot their stuck on, and they reach out to the community for help, someone will come back with “try the 2nd worksheet in this section” or “try it with the sheet music slower first.”

But for the folks who (up until now) didn’t have the PDFs available, this could be a frustrating conversation & frustrating solution.

It’s our hope that unlocking the PDFs for more people will empower users to assist one another more completely.

But I already paid for a Teacher level membership?

The Teacher Level membership still has a few features that aren’t available to monthly subscribers, namely, the ability to download the full-book PDFs from the Resources area.

So while all members will be able to find the PDF worksheets and lesson plans that live within each lesson themselves, those who have a Teacher membership or a Teacher upgrade can access the full book PDFs, including a brand-new 450 page Lesson Plan book, all of the workbook PDFs and more.

These additional PDFs can be unlocked by our monthly members by purchasing a Teacher Upgrade if that convenience and consolidation of the PDFs is necessary.

And if you have purchased a Teacher membership and you feel like you were unfairly informed or would rather now switch to this upgraded monthly option, please email us at Mr.Rob@ProdigiesMusic.com and we will help you out right away!

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