Black History Month

Download 9 Inspiring Compositions celebrating Black Composers including “We Shall Overcome,” “The Entertainer” and “Funga Alafia!”

The free songpack contains 9 colorful tunes notated with easy to read music that will get your kids singing about REAL musical concepts in no time (Solfege, note names, rhythms, etc).

If you’re already a Prodigies Member, you will find these arrangements inside the resources tab at prodigies.com/programs/celebrating-black-composers

Celebrating Black Composers Playlist inside Prodigies

We’re always educating ourselves when it comes to music history. This collection of videos aims to celebrate diversity in culture, gender and color. The video library will continue to grow with the more we learn and share. Prodigies Members can find 9 inspiring compositions celebrating black composers for bells, ukulele, singing & signing. There are helpful history pages enhance the experience. Find them inside the resource tab at:

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