10 Boredom Busting Musical Activities for Parents & Kids At Home

10 Boredom Busting Musical Activities for Parents & Kids At Home

To help fight off the stir-crazy feeling we're all experiencing while social distancing, we've got 10 Boredom Busting Activities to help parents and kids engage in fun and effective musical play at home!

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1. Free Solfege Hand Sign Poster

If you're not familiar with the Curwen (Solfege) Hand Signs, these are a great free resource that music teacher use to make singing more engaging and fun.

Free Poster Download

2. Get a Good Beginner Instrument (Bells, Piano, Ukulele)

While you can tap, clap, sing & hand-sign along with Prodigies, it does help to have an instrument to focus on.

Prodigies Instruments

3. Instrument Learning App (Prodigies, Simply Piano, Yousician)

Above is a screen grab from our Top 10 Secrets to Teaching Kids Music training session that will point you in the right direction app-wise.

4. Faber Piano Adventure Series

If you're looking for a screen free approach to the learning the piano, we absolutely recommend the Faber Piano Adventure series. It's easy to follow, fun and effective.

Faber Piano Books on Amazon

5. Carnatic Music Lessons on YouTube

In India, Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Ti becomes Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Da Ni. Learn more in this fun & interactive Carnatic Music Lessons

Carnatic Music Lesson

6. Portside Pirates from Barefoot Books

If you've not checked out the books and videos from Barefoot Books, above is one of our favorites!

Our daughter also really loves "Dump Truck Disco" from the same folks!

Barefoot Books on Amazon

7. Nuryl & High Information Music

If you have infants or toddlers, definitely look into Nuryl, which lets kids experience High Information Music (which is basically the music-listening equivalent of eating your vegetables).

Nuryl Website

8. Activities for Teaching Your Kids to Sing In Tune

Looking to help your kids sing more in tune? Check out the blog article & activities below!

Teaching Your Kids to Sing In Tune

9. Top 10 Secrets to Teaching Kids Music (Training Video)

Learn how to jumpstart your child’s musical journey and help them sing more in tune, understand music & play their first instrument. 40 Minutes of our best music ed tips, free downloads & more (for parents & teachers).

Top 10 Secrets Training

10. Free Sheet Music Downloads

Download 4 free & colorful arrangements from our sheet music library

Prodigies Sheet Music

BONUS: Stars Wars Main Theme Music Lesson

Use to force to level up your musical skills while learning the Star Wars Theme & Imperial March

Star Wars Video Lesson


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