Instrument Review: the Lyons Glockenspiel

Instrument Review: the Lyons Glockenspiel

We love instruments, especially desk bells, because they are so fun, colorful, and easy to play! However, there are so many other great instruments just waiting to be discovered! Check out this multi-tracked music video of an awesome instrument called the glockenspiel.

An Awesome Instrument for Kids

This glockenspiel makes a great instrument for early learning. If your child is eager for a challenge, it can even be used right along with the Prodigies Playground videos! Just get a pack of blank labels and use a marker to match the color of each bell. Start on Do (C) and place a sticker on each note all the way up until you reach the next C!

Then, your child can practice tapping each note just like they have been doing on their bells. It adds a little fun and excitement to change things up a bit and challenges them to try something new! We love this glockenspiel because it is small, easy to carry, folds up, and the mallets fit right in the case. It also has a pleasant but quiet sound and is not overly harsh. Also, the tuning is relatively good compared to other toy xylophones and glockenspiels.

If your child can master playing this children’s glockenspiel, they’ll be ready for a full-sized glockenspiel to play in band at school!

To order the glockenspiel, click here! And check out our good buddy, Boo, playing the glockenspiel along with Five Little Pumpkins and C Major Pipes in the Prodigies Playground!

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