A Bonkers Busy Music Monday: Piano Prodigies Preview, Take Me Out to the Ball Game Sheet Music, Cash Giveaway Winner, New Songbook Videos & More

We’ve got some 5 extra special and exciting announcements today including the first ever Piano Prodigies video, Take Me Out to the Ballgame Sheet Music & More!

1. Piano Prodigies Test Video

Piano Prodigies Preview

We’ve know how many folks have been waiting anxiously for Mr. Rob and the Prodigies Team to tackle piano instruction inside Piano Prodigies.

While we’re not there just yet, we got a whole lot closer this weekend by producing the first-ever Piano Prodigies video.

The video focuses on the melody for “Au Clair de la Lune” in 3 different formats.

In the first verse, we use falling bars as shown in the image above. This makes it easy and extremely visual for anyone using a piano.

Then in the second verse, we move to a more standardized piano roll, a format that’s standard to many digital audio workstations (where producers and composers arrange music).

It’s essentially the same format as we started with, but turned on it’s side, which helps students prepare for reading the Grand Staff in Verse 3.

Then in the third and final verse, we move to the Grand Staff, where we can see the right hand part notated in the treble clef, as well as an additional (and optional) left hand part notated below with accompanying chords on the top.

We hope you enjoy the video!

2. Free Take Me Out to the Ball Game Sheet Music Download

Every week we add new colorful sheet music to our curriculum, and we’re excited to share “Take Me Out to the Ball Game.”

Many of us are missing our sports big time, so hopefully this tune is the right amount of comforting & nostalgic without feeling too much like a period piece.

3. Cash Giveaway Winner Announced

Cash Giveaway Winner Announced!

We’re thrilled to announced that Katie Rhoads is the winner of our $1,000 Cash Giveaway!

We’ve never done a cash giveaway before and we just want to say thank you to everyone who participated. Your social shares really helped us spread the word about our music program during a time when families can really take advantage of it, and we’re thrilled with how much excitement and buzz we were able to generate with all of your help.

4. Spring Enrollment Ends Thursday

Thursday is the last chance to Save 46% on Monthly/Yearly Plans and 50% Lifetime Plans & Bundles

5. New Videos for My First Songbook Volume I

New Videos for My First Songbook Volume I Have Arrived!

Also…we’ve been working hard on a new distance learning platform!

We’re in the very early stages of trying to build a better distance learning platform for teachers and students.

This is new territory that we’re not totally sure we can successfully implement, but we’re doing our darnedest and so far things are looking good.

Our hope to build a new platform that focuses on teacher/student engagement with features like allowing teachers to assign individual students and classes specific lessons, courses, or assignments.

So far, we’ve successfully added gamification elements, Google Classroom Assignment integration, and a more stable version of our courses into this new LMS.

The new platform also has zero commerce elements, no outside pixels or tracking & it will feature more interactive quizzes, teacher-level reporting & small-group interaction.

Again, we’re in the very early stages of development & don’t know when and how we will be rolling this out. We expect to have a better idea in 3-4 weeks.

We know for certain that IF this platform works out, everyone with student memberships will have this new platform available as an option. We’ll also be giving Lifetime Members access to a beta signup at some point IF the platform looks like it’s going to work out.


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