Jingle Bells Virtual Choir Challenge Announced

Don’t miss out on being part of our next Virtual Choir!

We’re thrilled to announce our Second Virtual Choir Challenge is going to be all about playing the bells on Jingle Bells!

If you are interested in being a part of our Jingle Bells Virtual Choir, be sure to check out our
FREE Jingle Bells Virtual Choir Download Pack (ZIP FILE).

This will provide you with everything you need to practice and play along with for the Jingle Bells Virtual Choir including the 4 Videos above—Virtual Choir Announcement, Lesson, Guided Performance with Mr. Rob and a Performance video to record your virtual choir performance, Colorful Sheet Music, an MP3 to practice on your preferred device and 5 PNGs of Deskbells with Santa hats that you can print and decorate with!

Email us your video at Hello@Prodigies.com or upload your video here from now through November 2nd.

On Mobile? Download individual downloads below:

Jingle Bells Playlist: https://play.prodigies.com/programs/jingle-bells-virtual-choir

Jingle Bells MP3:

Jingle Bells Sheet Music:

New Virtual Choir Challenge Announced – Jingle Bells with C D E F & G

To participate in the Jingle Bells Virtual Choir…

1. Learn & review Jingle Bells with the new Mr. Rob Jingle Bell Lesson

To help make sure everyone is familiar with the melody in C Major, we’ve got a new Mr. Rob lesson teaching Jingle Bells, step by step.

This is NOT the video you will record along with, but it is a good way to make sure you’ve learned Jingle Bells before proceeding!

2. Practice with the Guided Performance

Learn Jingle Bells with the Mr. Rob Guided Performance video above.

3. Practice & perform with the new teacher free Performance Track

This IS the video you’ll be recording with, so practice it a lot and become familiar with it before you get to recording in Step 3.

4. Video record Step 3 when you’re ready (ideally landscape video with decent sound)

When you or your kids feel comfortable playing Jingle Bells with the Performance Track, start recording!! We don’t necessarily need a perfect start to finish take — so long as you’ve got one or two verses you feel good about, we’ll work with the footage to make everyone look super sharp!

Also, for extra fun, make sure to record and include the final CYA LATER at the end of the video!

The ideal recording would…

  • be filmed landscape/wide (we’ll survive if a few end up vertical)
  • have good audio of your bells or your vocals (don’t have the Performance Track at too high volume)
  • be listened back to at least once (did you get good audio?)
  • have decent lighting (primary lighting source should be behind/next to the camera and on the subjects face
  • be something you would want to share with the world (because indeed, it will be!)
  • feature some smiles and some happy faces (good performance technique includes a little eye contact & some smiles)

5. Upload the file here or Email to Hello@Prodigies.com by November 2nd, 2021

When you’ve got your video recorded, you can upload it at….


Or you can email it to us at Hello@Prodigies.com with the subject Virtual Choir Submission!

Checkout our 1st Virtual Choir for Tips & Ideas

And in case you missed the last virtual choir, you can check it out below to get a better idea of how it will all come together in the end!

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