Chromatic Bells Are Coming!

We’re developing additional Deskbells to expand on the C Major Set.

Chromatic Bells Are Coming This Spring!

After years of waiting and hundreds of requests, we’re thrilled to announce that Prodigies Chromatic Deskbells (C#, D#, F#, G# and A#) are coming this Spring!

These 5 bells make up the black keys on a piano (the sharps and flats) and work as an expansion to the C Major Deskbells that we’ve been carrying for years.

Each sharp note goes in a row behind/above the original 8 Deskbells and to the right of the non sharp version of the original note (just like the black keys of a piano).

High/Low Extensions Coming This Summer!

We’re also working on the High/Low Extensions, which we’re expecting for Back to School Season this summer!

These 7 bells (3 lower, 4 higher) go on either end of the main octave to expand your range in both directions.

They’re a bit pricier than the other bells because the lower and higher notes take more time to mold and tune properly.

All Three Sets Together

When you put all three sets together, you get a seriously expressive and enjoyable instrument over an octave and a half, and for kids, adults and music geeks alike, it’s a colorful, memorable and enjoyable experience.

Above you can see a picture of…

And here you can check out a video of the full chromatic range in action…

Pre-Order Now

It’s been hard to keep bells on the shelves these days, so pre-order now to guarantee availability!

The C Major set and the Expansion Set are shipping on May 21st (hopefully even a week or two earlier)!! The High/Low Extension ships later this summer!

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