Chromatic Introduction – Preschool Chapter 9 Teaser

Chromatic Play!

Happy #MusicMonday everyone!

Michael from the Prodigies team here.

It’s been a long time coming, and many of you have been asking when you can expect to see more episodes featuring chromatic notes. Some of you have written in to email and our Facebook page, and your students are already developing a sense of pitch with Preschool Prodigies. Maybe your student has pretty much mastered the C scale and is ready to start learning more notes.

Maybe you’ve already finished Preschool and Primary Chapter 1, and are waiting for new episodes that introduce chromatic material.

Maybe you’ve wanted to try meaningful play with bells besides the C major bells. This episode is for you!

This exciting new episode on the Prodigies Playground does just that – introducing the Chromatic expansion bells for some exciting chromatic play! This is not a teaching segment featuring Mr. Rob – its just an introduction to the chromatic bells.  While Mr. Rob and the video team has been burning the midnight candle churning out Primary Prodigies Chapter 2, I helped him out and made this bonus episode in the playground just for you! Mr. Michael did the narration, music, and animation.

So while this is a little different from a standard episode, it’s your child’s introduction to the chromatic notes (the black notes on the piano). What you’ll need for this episode:

  • The Chromatic Expansion bells OR
  • Chroma-note Piano Stickers on a piano OR
  • Chroma-note Piano Stickers on a xylophone/glockenspiel/Orff instrument.

Note: The chromatic expansion bells are currently sold out in our shop, but you may be able to find some on Amazon. If you don’t have the bells, use our Prodigies Bells app in Chromatic mode, or get some Chroma-Note Piano stickers from our shop and set it up for a piano or glockenspiel. Grab these up, because there’s only about 30 left!

This episode doesn’t use ANY of the C major bells or white keys on the piano. We also return to the Preschool Prodigies format of the falling bells, so we’re not actually reading the chromatic notes off scrolling sheet music, we’re just being introduced to the sound of the bells. We’re not learning the letter names, solfege, or hand signs just yet. Just the sound to begin with.

The circles at the bottom of the screen are black, indicating that these are the same as the black keys on the piano. We play a simple five note ascending and descending pattern known as the Pentatonic scale. Pentatonic scales are widely used in “non-western” or non-American music, and the sound of the song I came up has some Chinese instruments in it for a fun Asian sound.

This episode is good to use after PSP Melodies 20 and before PSP Melodies 21 (as an introduction to some of the new notes coming in Melodies 21 and up).

It’s also going to be one of the first lessons in a bonus Chapter (Chapter 9) of Preschool Prodigies, which will eventually feature more videos just like this one for more Chromatic play later this year!

I hope you enjoy this Chromatic bells episode, and #HappyMusicing!

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