Chromecast Updates

3 Ways to Chromecast Prodigies

We’re thrilled to announce some improvements to Chromecasting on Prodigies.

If you’ve setup the Google Home app on your tablet and Paired it with a Chromecast in your Home then the 3 most sure-fire ways to Chromecast our program is:

1. Casting from your phone or tablet using our app, Prodigies Music Lessons

This is generally the simplest and most sure-fire method for Chromecast videos.

If your device is connected to your Chromecast, within the Prodigies Music Lessons app, you will see an option to cast as shown below.

2. NEW: Cast Directly from ProdigiesMusic.com

As of this week, we’re moving our videos to a more native player that should be more stable AND be more Chromecast compatible.

If you’d like to give it a try, all of the individual videos on ProdigiesMusic.com/Play have been migrated to the new player (with the Playlists and the Teach Mode to follow today and tomorrow).

Or you can try it with the video below:

Let us know if it’s working for you in the comments below!

3. Chromecast from our web app, Prodigies.VHX.TV

You can also use Prodigies.VHX.TV as a backup player if you run into trouble on ProdigiesMusic.com.

The password for your VHX account may need to be reset, and it is NOT CONNECTED to your ProdigiesMusic.com account. We apologize for this inconvenience and suggest using the “Magic Sign In Link” in the PASSWORD RESET email.

From there, you should also be able to Chromecast. To be honest, this method seems a bit buggy on our Chromecast and the new player on our site seems to be much better. Hopefully VHX is working on the fixes for that!

2 thoughts on “Chromecast Updates”

  1. our primary grades have iPads. Our intermediates have Chromebooks. Our school has e Lifetime membership. Any chance our older kids can use their Chromebooks to access materials/videos or use the bells app on their Chromebooks? Is that technology available for our intermediates’ Chromebooks?

  2. It continues to be buggy as of Nov 15, 2020. We tried different devices, different ways to cast, and the sound issues continue. The VHX.TV doesn’t present us with a login page, but rather with a ‘Get Updates’ subscription by email box.

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