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Playtime Prodigies Book 1

A brand-new workbook is coming to Prodigies that includes our easiest activities ever!

Simpler Than Ever

The activities in our newest book among some of our easiest ever.

You’ll find tracing, matching, coloring, and simple identification & recognition activities for kids as young as 2.

Plus, we’ve included some special activities to help you and your kids model good performance behaviors, good singing positions & more.

Check out a few samples of the activities below!

Perfect Gift for a Young Musician In Your Life

We wanted to create a simple, colorful & easy gift idea for anyone looking to give music this Holiday season.

If you have a young musician in your life, specifically a toddler or early preschooler, they will LOVE this book!

Your Purchases Help Us Make More Videos

Every purchase of a book helps us fuel our video production efforts! We’re a small family company and we put almost every dollar right back into making more videos & adding more features to our curriculum.

Our Playtime videos are some of the most production intensive videos we create, and the more books you purchase, the more videos we’ll be able to make in the new year.

Preorder Now: Ships on December 10th

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