We’re thinking about planning a 2019-2020 road show, and we want to know what you think!

Prodigies Plans a Tour

Mr. Rob & the Prodigies Team are in the beginning phases of planning a potential 2019 – 2020 U.S.A. tour.

We’re currently weighing the costs and benefits of putting on a tour, and we’d love to hear from you!

What does the show look like?

The Prodigies Show is a 45 minute interactive concert that’s fun & educational.

The show is appropriate for preschools, elementary schools & outdoor family events.

You can choose from 1 of 5 show themes to touch on the concepts that are most relevant to your kids!

The show features Mr. Rob on guitar, bells & drums, as well as a multimedia backing element to help kids with lyrics, hand-signs, rhythms, images & storytelling

Depending on group size, we also pass out instruments for certain numbers and throw a bubble machine dance party that your staff and students will love.

As a final note, we are NOT booking private birthday parties – only school assemblies, public outdoor events & concert venues. We apologize about this, but during our previous tours, birthday parties have generally been an unhappy venue for the show (too much tech in a tight space, too many distractions with people leaving, arriving, etc).

If you think you’re interested…

If you think your school or organization would be interested in having Prodigies visit you, let us know below!

That will help us plan and assess if the tour is a worthwhile and viable option before we spend a whole bunch of time and energy on setting things up!

5 Shows to Choose From

Sing, Sign, Play

The Sing, Sign, Play show is focused on music education and is most inline with the Prodigies Music Curriculum. It’s designed to introduce or reinforce concepts like call & response rhythms, the Solfege Hand-Signs & to help students and teachers get accustomed and excited about music education.

Be Kind

Be Kind is all about gratitude, character development, and community builidng. Learn how to prevent bullying, and how to foster positive relationships with  people around us.

Food For Thought

Travel from the farm to the grocery store, to the school cafeteria in this rollicking progam focussed on eating right and living a healthy lifestyle. Healthy kids are happy kids!

We Dig Earth

We Dig Earth explores concepts in ecology, conservation, and environmental stewardship. Perfect for Earth Day celebrations, or STEM-based assemblies year-round.

Lettuce Play!

Get those wiggles out with this high-energy interactive show designed for preschools and kindergartens. Features a best-of, high energy mix of dancing, and singing along with rhythm and melody games and activities.

We have worked with…

Before there was Prodigies, Mr. Rob performed shows for kids all up and down the East coast. Below are some of the venues and companies that we have worked with.

8 thoughts on “Prodigies Goes on Tour?”

  1. The kids at Jefferson School would LOVE to have a visit from Mr. Rob. So if you find yourself close to home in DE, let us know!

  2. Gail Schroeder-Hoffman

    Woodlands School – State Street would love t to have you come visit us. I use you videos with K4/K5, 1/ 2 and 3/ 4 at all the different levels. The kids LOVE YOU!!!! And so do I! 🙂
    I sure hope you can make a swing to Wisconsin. Please keep us informed of the cost. That would be a huge factor if we could host you or not.
    Thank you so much and keep up the good work!
    Gail Hoffman

  3. Salt River Elementary School, a part of the Pima Maricopa Indian Community in Scottsdale, Arizona is interested in your Sing, ,Sign and Play show! Please send information on cost, thanks.

  4. Don’t know if you’ve ever considered a bilingual show. Our kids learn both Spanish and English and would love to include you in your tour, particularly if your theme included both languages. We’ shooting for the moon! Hope you can make room for our little corner of sunshine on your travels!!

  5. Hi Mr. Rob,
    The Learning Care Group has several childcare centers in Macomb, Chesterfield, and Sterling Heights. I am their Area Elective Teacher and am currently teaching Preschool Prodigies in three of our centers. The children love you and your program.
    We would be interested in any of your “on the road programs” though the STEM program might be appropriate. The Learning Care Group is currently introducing and implementing the STEM programs in many of the centers.
    Like some of the other replies, we would also need a cost of this program to determine if we can do it or not!

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