Free My First Songbook Course

My First Songbook Video Series

Welcome to the companion video series for My First Songbook. Here you can access 5 videos designed to engage your child in meaningful play with pitch!

Tips for Using My First Songbook & the Video Course

Start with the first video, where Mr. Rob shows you the basics of playing with the songbook! Then move on to learning the Solfege hand signs in the second video!

After watching the first two videos, go back to the book to practice the first three songs (Hot Cross Buns, Mary Had a Little Lamb, and Jingle Bells).

Once your child is familiar with playing their instrument at their own pace, come back and practice with the videos!

The videos will show your kids how to play the bells while also acting as a metronome that helps your kids play in time.

These videos are of a medium difficulty, so if your kid is having a hard time, definitely use the +/e buttons to slow down the video to your learners liking!

Part I: Welcome to My First Songbook

In Part I, we talk about how to set up your bells and how to read the musical notes inside the treble clef!

Don’t expect kids to digest the entire treble clef right away, but it is important that they’re aware of it as they’re playing. The color coded music will help make their music practice easy until they learn which notes belong where.

Part II: The Solfege Hand Signs

In Part II, we take a look at the Curwen hand signs. We usually refer to them as the Solfege hand signs for simplicity, and they give your kids a kinesthetic and visual way to start singing and memorizing different notes!

Many of the songs in My First Songbook have Solfege hand signs underneath the lyrics so you can practice them at your open pace!

Part III: Hot Cross Buns

This lesson comes straight from the Preschool Prodigies Playground! In this video, we play the first song from the book, Hot Cross Buns, using colors, numbers, Solfege and eventually lyrics.

You can sing and hand-sign along, or you can follow along on a piano, a set of bells, or with some Boomwhackers!

Part IV: Mary Had a Little Lamb

Onto the 2nd song in the book, Mary Had a Little Lamb! This is another easy to play nursery rhyme that just uses 3 notes (do, re, mi).

Like before, you can sing and hand-sign along, or follow along on an instrument of your very own.

Part V: Jingle Bells

In the last part of the video course, we play the third song from the book, Jingle Bells.

This song uses do, re, mi, fa and sol for a total of 5 bells. This makes it a great song to play on piano as well, because you can give each finger in your hand it’s own note to play.

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