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This is the most incredible thing! Jaime is 5, mostly non verbal.... she has never put more than 2 syllables of anything together unprompted.

I cried when she sang me Solfege and played her bells on the way to bed one night. She has been watching your video for about a month. Thank you for the magical thing that your program has done for her!

Jacki Walsh

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Does this sound like your child?

“She always asks me to turn up the volume when her song comes on.”

"He's singing everything these days. Just whatever we're doing, he's usually singing about it."

"He's clapping along with everything right now. Maybe it's just a phase, but this kids got rhythm."

“Every surface is a drum pad and all our kitchen utensils are drumsticks.”

You're raising...


Human Sponge

Do your kids surprise you with how much information they absorb throughout the day? Children’s brains are RAPIDLY developing during childhood and what you provide them today will have a MASSIVE impact in the years to come. 

Program Philosophy

Prodigies focuses on pitch during your child's critical period for auditory development. This makes it fun & easy for your kids while having a long-lasting effect on your child's sense of pitch

Early Exposure to Pitch

Your kids will develop a strong tonal center while singing and hand-signing with Solfege, colors, note names & more.

Error Proof Learning

Our program is designed to be as easy as possible so that even without a trained music teacher, your kids will be guided toward musical success.

Brain-Based Vocabulary

We demystify music by applying motions, numbers, colors, hand-signs and group names to the musical notes.

We focus largely on speaking the language of music and playing your first few instruments.

Holistic Music

Over 700 Videos Across Series & Courses for Kids Ages 2-12

What's on Prodigies?

Plus Thousands of Activities

“They love going up to our piano and pressing the keys.”

“She loves dancing around the room.”

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

60 Day Return on Ultimate Kits

The Prodigies Ultimate Kit comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Our hope is that your child's music education (and maybe life) are forever transformed by the instrumental, vocal and music theory skills they'll develop with Prodigies.

We maintain an industry-leading return rate of around 1-2%, and we're really only looking for happy & thriving Prodigies members. If your kids don't enjoy the program, or if your homeschooling or music teaching plans change, we have a 60 Day Return window where you can return all the physical goods and digital curriculum free (in the U.S. only -- returns outside the U.S. are NOT free).

It's important that the materials remain in relatively good condition for resale or replacement. Some natural wear is to be expected, especially if you earnestly start working through the workbooks, but the more songbooks, bells and materials that remain in good shape, the easier it will be for us to give you a full refund!



Here's everything you'll get in the Prodigies Ultimate Kit

Lifetime Access to Prodigies Streaming Apps (Web, TV, Tablet)

Stream safe, educational & fun music lessons whenever you want without the hassle of a monthly membership. Great for growing families!

($1997 Value)


20 Deskbell Bundle (A5-E7)

All 3 Sets of our world famous Prodigies Deskbells
(C Major, Chromatic, Bass/Treble) combine for 20 notes of colorful, durable, easy to play fun. 2 Year, 3 Bell Replacements Warranty Included

($257 Value)

5 Colorful & Easy to Read Songbooks

The colors in the books match the world’s most popular note-coloring system, Chromanotes(TM). Songbooks included: My First Songbook Volume I & Volume II, Colorful Classics Songbook, My First Chromatic Songbook & Holiday Songbook

($100 Value)

($220 Value)

8 Chapters of Level 1 General Music Curriculum

Level 1 spans almost 2 years of material with lesson plans, sheet music, worksheets & colorful video lessons

($75 Value)

Piano & Bell Stickers, Recorder Starter Kit & Bonus Hand-Sign Poster 

Includes Recorder Starter Kit to play along with the Prodigies Recorder Series. When your child is ready to transition to a piano, xylophone or any other instrument, you can use these stick-ons so the color-coded music is still relevant + Bonus Solfege Poster. 

You Pay $1097

Total Ultimate Kit Value:  $2700

Curriculum Outline

Discover Over 700 Video Music Lessons. You can select from fan favorite playlists and songs, or dive into Core Curriculum Progressions complete with Lesson Plans, Worksheets, Sheet Music and more.

Free Intro Material

FAQs, Getting Started Tips Our Best Parent/Teacher Training & 52 Minutes of Free Content to Demo Prodigies

Songbooks, Workbooks & Lesson plans

Discover thousands of pages of printable curriculum to help enhance and guide your child's musical journey!


Solfege Rich music for infants and toddlers that makes great background music to reinforce Solfege and early pitch development.

Playtime Prodigies

Toddler friendly Primer videos that don’t require an instrument and feel a bit more like a TV show for kids than true music lessons.

Hello C

This truly starts the Core General Music Curriculum with a focus on the note C, each individual note, the C Major Chord and the C Major Scale.

Low C, High C

Focus more on the concepts of low and high, left and right, and the interval of an octave as we play more songs with the Low C and High C.

C & G, Best Friends

Discover the important relationship between C and G (Do and Sol - the 1 and 5) as we play lots of C and G songs.

Do Re Mi

Here we'll zoom in on the first three notes in the musical alphabet, Do Re Mi, and play lots of 3 note melodies like "Mary Had a Little Lamb" and "Hot Cross Buns".

Mi Sol La

To start off Level 1B, we'll focus on the sounds of "Nanny Nanny Boo Boo" -- Mi Sol La -- which make up dozens of melodies like "Doggie Doggie."

Fa Sol La

Here we’ll play more 3 note melodies, but this time in the key of F Major to give us more practice with Fa Sol and La. Plus, we’ll play some more difficult songs using 6 notes.

Major Chords

Here we focus on the 3 Major Chords, C Major, G Major and F Major, and play lots of patterns using these 3 chords. We also review our 3 note melodies in G Major (Sol La Ti).


To finish up Level 1, we play dozens of C Major melodies using everything we’ve learned so far. This combines easier videos with more difficult sheet music as we prep for Level 2.

Hello Bells

A more difficult approach to the C Major material we covered in Level 1 featuring more musical vocab, harder songs and more chord analysis.

Intervals & the Treble Clef

A significantly more difficult chapter on intervals, reading black & white music and understanding the nuances of semi-tones.

NEW: Piano Prodigies

We've started adapting our Level 1 General Music Curriculum to create a more piano specific program inside of Piano Prodigies.

Recorder Levels 1-3

Take a spin through medieval times with the Squire, Knight & Lordy/Lady Levels of Recorder Prodigies in Recorder Book 1.

Recorder Levels 4-6

COMING SOON: Level 4-5 videos are available with Level 6 videos and the 2nd workbook coming soon!

NEW: Ukulele Prodigies

The first 20 Lessons of a brand-new Ukulele Series has launched! Learn basic chords, play simple melodies and discover Hawaii's favorite instrument.

Holiday Prodigies

Sing, hand-sign and play with over 20 Holiday classics. Includes music for Christmas, Hanukkah, Easter and Passover w new Holiday songs coming soon.

#MusicMonday Releases

Every Monday we release new Performance Tracks. These range from easy 2 note Borduns to seriously difficult melodies and themes like "Rhapsody in Blue."

Parent/Teacher Materials

We've also created a handful of high-level training videos for Parents and Teachers to help you understand our guiding principles and methods.

These days, Prodigies has material for infants, toddlers, preschoolers & school-age kids, which means you can really get started at any time!

We've even heard from Middle School and High School Band teachers who use Prodigies to review theory concepts, and we are constantly adding more difficult material as the program grows.

Now, if you want to unlock your child's life-long sense for pitch and music, it's best to get 2 years of pitch training before age 7 (with the ideal range being between 2 and 6 years old. During early childhood, it's easier to have a lasting impact on auditory development, and so we encourage you to make the most of the early years by using Prodigies!

At What Age Should I Start Prodigies?

This one comes up A LOT and the answer is YES!!!

Inside Performance, Melodies, Primary, Holiday & Recorder Prodigies, there is more advanced material for older children (circa age 6-12).

Primary Chapters 1 and 2 are long and incredibly detailed Chapters with Course Progression and workbooks that reinforce music theory, reading sheet music, math, sequencing, composition, and beyond.

Even the videos and activities in our earlier series can be useful & fun for older kids, but the general feel of those programs are understandably designed for younger age groups.

Want to learn more? Visit the Index and take a tour here

Is there More Difficult Material for Older Kids?

Can I Upgrade from my Monthly/Yearly Plan?

Yes, of course! To do this, please email Support@Prodigies.com and ask for a Lifetime Membership upgrade.

We'll take a look at your payments and get back to you with pro-rated price that applies your last 6 months of membership payments to your Lifetime upgrade!

What is Your Return Policy?

We know that buying on the Internet can be a little stressful and sometimes worrisome, so we offer a 60 Day Return Policy on Lifetime Products.

That's a no questions asked, 100% guarantee, and all because we want to make it as risk-free as possible for you.

As a whole, we've proudly maintained a stellar return rate of just about 1% (which is 10x less than the industry standard).

Plus, we work with world-class payment processors like Stripe and PayPal to encrypt and secure your information.

Our LMS, Prodigies Academy, is NOT unlocked with the plans above.

If you'd like to learn more about our LMS and Student Accounts, visit prodigiesacademy.com/learn/

Is Academy Access or Student Seats Included?

Start Your Child's Musical Journey Today

Judy Jukebox

Do your kids know every word to their favorite Disney showstopper? Do they ever narrate their day through made up songs? If so, they're more than ready to start honing their skills as a young musician.

Tiny Dancer

While some kids love the verbal aspect of singing, others will often express a love for music through dance. Through music & playing an instrument, more kinesthetic learners can connect and express themselves.

Kids that love to curl up with a good book have an instinctual attraction to language. Music lessons help kids further expand their vocabulary and retain words and expressions more effectively. Bookworms are natural-made music composers.

Your Kids Will Play an Instrument

Your Ultimate Kit and Lifetime Membership will get you singing, hand-signing & playing your first instrument (if not your first several instruments)

C Major Bells

Use your iOS or Android device to follow along on "Prodigies Bells," our free and easy-to-use bell instrument app.

Chromatic Deskbells

Prodigies has several videos that include the chromatic bells and an entire song book dedicated to the sharps and flats.

Hand-Sign Along

We make extensive use of the Solfege Hand Signs to make the musical notes more memorable, kinesthetic & memorable

Piano Friendly

Already have a piano? With a little color coding, your piano will be Prodigies friendly within minutes.

Xylophones, glockenspiels & mallet instruments are a bit harder than the deskbells which is fun for older toddlers & school age students.

Mallet Instruments

For folks ages 7+, we've begun introducing Ukulele lessons, songs & curriculum for 2021.



Learn the recorder with a colorful & fun approach!

Everyday Boo has music lessons w/ his bells! It teaches him solfege, simple songs, chords, and all sorts of other musical things. He hits his little bells and sings part of the songs.

He can already sing on pitch and knows several of the solfege names and their pitches. Just because he is two doesn’t mean he has to do “cute, off pitch” singing. Teach them early.

Boo spends about 30 mins doing this…not because I make him but because he wants to. He gets so excited when I get his bells out.

Michael Lining

Watch Michal Ace a Pitch Test He Shared to YouTube

Self-Starting Star

Some kids just love independently digesting games, courses, programs and books. And while our videos and books are pretty universal and accessible, any kid who's homeschooling, remote schooling or otherwise comfortable working with curriculum will absolutely LOVE working with the colorful videos and workbooks.

Daydream Believer

Does your kid tend to be on the quiet side? Maybe you would even consider them a daydreamer? We find that some of the best musicians are often the quietest among us. “Thinkers” are typically great listeners and tend to pick up on musical notes that talkative personalities may not. 

“She asks for the same song again and again."


Resonator Xylo

With every Ultimate Kit 

(Ends Friday 4/30)

Ann Anderson

"I think you’ll be pleased to know that every class my students ask me, “Do we get to watch crazy Mr. Roberto today?” They all love “crazy Mr. Roberto”, and they are all learning a lot of music and having a lot of fun doing it!

Thanks very much for making such great material available. And thank you for opening up some new teaching avenues for me. I’m 50 years old, I have a degree in music, and I’ve been teaching piano since I was 15, but this curriculum has made me a better teacher. Thank you."

Donna Tugby

"This program has revitalized my 30 year teaching career! Bravo! My students are engaged and learning at a rapid rate. I use this program with my xylophones & Boomwhackers with much success!

Video lessons allow me to float around the room to correct students hand positions and provide one on one instruction where needed. I am able to provide better feed back & it is saving my voice. I ❤️ this program!"

Nicole Green

"I am so happy that I went through my education foundation in our town to get Prodigies for my special education classroom. My students started with the program in January and even though we move at our own pace through it the progress is amazing!

They have always enjoyed music and it is even therapeutic for some but unfortunately the mainstream class is just too challenging.

This program has brought their love of music into my classroom at an appropriate pace, it’s super engaging and they are learning so many skills. All my students have either increased their ability to follow a rhythm or have now learned to keep a rhythm, follow directions, wait to play which is huge and also control their hands.

My students look forward to the music period in our schedule and sing the cya later song ALL the time. They were beyond excited to watch and play the hello song for #worktogetherwednesday.

It has been life changing to find something so perfect for my students who tend to be left out. I am so grateful to have this program and see the joy it brings to my students!

Thank you for creating such amazing resources for a wide range of kiddos."

Emily Jane Cargile

"The way this is set up is simply brilliant! My children picked up on it very quickly and are now leaps and bounds ahead of where I was at their age (and I actually grew up in the house of two music people!)

They know the solfege and the notes well. The videos are delightful and effective. The workbooks are fun and help reinforce everything. We haven’t even gotten that far into the program. I am so excited about doing recorder, ukulele, and more!"

Mike Green

"This is the greatest resource I have found in my 28 years as a music educator! The K-3rd graders love everything about “Mr. Rob videos!” I also use it at home with my teenage daughter with special needs and my two young grandsons (5 & 6 years old)!"

It's no secret as a parent you want the best for your kids. Navigating through tons of apps and online content to find a program that checks all the boxes and makes life easier is almost unheard of.

No matter how good of a parent you may be, getting your child engaged in something equally educational and fun is challenging.

Almost like having them choose between eating broccoli or eating a slice of pie.

But what if I were to tell you that if you mix broccoli, a few essential ingredients and a pie crust, you can make a delicious quiche?!

And likewise, combining colorful instruments with playful learning materials & animated music lessons, you have the recipe for your child’s lifelong success.

One of the most important ingredients if you want your child to thrive in life is this:

If your goal as a parent is to enrich your child’s education, unlock their creativity & self expression, and have some fun in the process, then you must consider enrolling in music lessons.

I know this, because as a parent and music educator, I have seen first-hand the effect that music lessons has had inside my own home, as well as the effect Prodigies has had on thousands of households and music classrooms around the globe.

Learning how to sing and play an instrument can do wondrous things for the brain. Not only does early childhood music education spur neurological growth, it also helps make the brain more adaptive for all other kinds of learning. In addition to overall learning enhancement, kids who play an instrument naturally develop better memories, sharper math skills, stronger verbal capabilities and higher IQ scores! 

But here is the frustrating part…  

Most music instruction doesn’t begin until your child is in elementary school, which is a huge disadvantage to them! 

There is a critical period for auditory development (that lasts roughly until age 5 and tapers off rapidly during ages 6-8). During this time, we can give children a stronger sense of pitch through consistent and meaningful exposure to pitch.

Learning pitch techniques in preschool is almost unheard of.  By elementary school, the window for developing a true sense of pitch is closed (or at least closing very fast)! 

Which is exactly why I created Prodigies. I wanted to bring an effective and affordable way for kids to learn music skills & pitch development in those critical years. From as early as birth, your child is receptive to learning the language of music and we will have them singing, playing, and hand-singing their way to a music education in no time. 

As your child moves through our musical curriculum, they will develop their musical ear by singing about colors, note names, Solfege and numbers. They will learn the musical hand-signs for each note, play simple one note studies, level up to intermediate 5 note songs, and eventually perform complex melodies from some of the greatest composers in history. We now have lessons for kids as early as age 1 all the way to age 12! 

Each video lesson is accompanied by colorful sheet music and follow-up activities so that allows you to learn the concepts at your own pace, reinforce skills like handwriting, sequencing and patterning and get some screen-free musical play.

Our program is delivered online so that no matter where you are or how much time you have, you can provide your child with a fun and interactive music education!

 Introduce your child to music lessons at an early age and you will stimulate the part of the brain that is responsible for reading, math, and emotional development.

Music Lessons are a NECESSITY if you want to positively impact your child’s mental, physical and intellectual well-being for the long term

"My youngest son developed perfect pitch before he was age 4 by using Mr. Rob's lessons! He is 5 now, and loves to point what notes his Dad is playing on the guitar.

When he can't think of the name of a note he wants to hear, he says stuff like "Mom, I want the song that starts with a G Note! Prodigies music lessons are amazing!"

This Could Be 

Both my children sing in key, can name notes they hear, and have an understanding of chords.  The format is fun and engaging, and the color coding and logical progression of lessons makes understanding easy. There is so much to this program that it truly grows with the kids.”

We are able to work on different things tailored to each child and that is so great! I don't have any background in music, although I always wished I did, now I get to enjoy it along with my children! It is so neat to watch them interact and all have an understanding of the music and apply things like the associated colors or hand signs to different things in their life.”

My children picked up on it very quickly and are now leaps and bounds ahead of where I was at their age (and I actually grew up in the house of two music people!) They know the solfege and the notes well. The videos are delightful and effective. The workbooks are fun and help reinforce everything."

The lessons and workbooks are so engaging and fun, covering the fundamentals of music and ear training skills in such a low-pressure and easy-to-understand format. We only started a couple of months ago, but Prodigies has already fostered such an incredible love of music in our kids, and they keep wanting to come back for more each and every day, because above all else, they are having so much fun!”

Music is such a joy in our home now!  They have perfect pitch and can play many of the songs on multiple instruments”

Prodigies is a fun & accessible video program designed to get your child singing and playing their first instrument.


Free US Shipping + 60 Day Returns 

Your child's music education should be stress-free! We offer Free Shipping in the US and 60 Day Returns. Our Five Star Support Team is ready to answer any questions you may have! 

($50 Value)

Sing along with Mr. Rob in the C Major Scale

Exposure to all the notes of the C Major Scale, a good introduction to chords and closely related keys and a solid foundation for rhythm and performance.

By the end of Prodigies Level 1, your child will be able to…

Colorful Sheet Music allows beginner learners an easier way to learn more sophisticated compositions as they transition to Black & White music.

Read & play along to colorful sheet music

Colorful, durable and well-tuned deskbells make an ideal instrument for young learners.

Play their first instrument, the C Major Deskbells

Clap & stomp in various time signatures, waltz, march, simple and compound meter (6/8). Rhythm notated with standard (on the staff, especially in Sheet Music & Performance Tracks & fun songs like Sweet Beets & Snow Day!

Know and perform basic Rhythm patterns

They will learn to identify notes in the treble clef as well as the grand staff with piano. chord symbols & identify notes through association of color, sound, placement—standard notation and iconic notation

Identify notes on the Musical Staff

Your child will develop Pitch Training abilities as they learn to identify notes and tunes. They will also build their ear training to hear a note without seeing it.

Practice Pitch & Ear Training with the Solfège Curwen Hand-Signs


By Parents & Teachers,  For Parents & Teachers

Mr. Rob & Ms. Sam started Prodigies in 2016 to create a colorful approach to early pitch development and music education. They create all their materials in house, they work with local printers and importers, and they've built an incredible team and community to make sure folks using Prodigies thrive musically. #HappyMusicing

  • Lifetime Access to Prodigies Streaming Apps (Website, TV, tablets)
  • C Major Deskbells 
  • Chromatic Deskbell Expansion 
  • Bass/Treble Deskbell Extension 
  • Smiley Face Stickers for Bells 
  • Chromanotes Piano Stick-Ons 
  • Playtime Prodigies Primer Workbook 
  • General Music 1A Workbook 
  • My First Songbook Volume I 
  • General Music 1B Workbook 
  • My First Songbook Volume II 
  • General Music Level 2A - Ch 1 Workbook 
  • General Music Level 2A - Ch 2 Workbook
  • Colorful Classics Songbook 
  • My First Chromatic Songbook 
  • Holiday Prodigies Songbook 
  • Recorder Prodigies Book 1 
  • Aulos 3 Piece Recorde
  • Free U.S. Shipping 
  • 60 Day Returns
  • Facebook Community

The Ultimate Kit

Buddy Bookworm

Resonator Xylo

With every Ultimate Kit 

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The Ultimate Kit

The Ultimate Kit

What's in the Ultimate Kit?

- Jenni Lemerand

Have questions? Email us at hello@prodigies.com or call (302) 291-1073


Ultimate Kits Include Lifetime Streaming Apps + All Books & Bells


One payment of

$1097 USD

Monthly Streaming Apps



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1 YearLifetime


Lifetime Streaming Apps



Ultimate Kits Include Lifetime Streaming Apps + All Books & Bells


One payment of

$1097 USD

Monthly Streaming Apps



1 Year Streaming Apps


1 YearLifetime


Lifetime Streaming Apps

Not Ready for the Ultimate Kit?



Ultimate Kits Include Lifetime Streaming Apps + All Books & Bells


One payment of

$1097 USD

Monthly Streaming Apps



1 Year Streaming Apps


1 YearLifetime


Lifetime Streaming Apps

Not Ready for the Ultimate Kit?



Ultimate Kits Include Lifetime Streaming Apps + All Books & Bells


One payment of

$1097 USD

Monthly Streaming Apps



1 Year Streaming Apps


1 YearLifetime


Lifetime Streaming Apps

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