Give your kids the incredible experience of singing with confidence, playing their first instrument & understanding the beautiful language of music.

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Instead of black and white music that confounds your kids, they'll enjoy colorful iconic notation that's age appropriate and fun to read!

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Sing, Hand-Sign & Play Your Way to an Amazing Music Education

Children who receive an early music education grow up to be better problem solvers, critical thinkers and lifelong learners.

Playing an instrument is the brains equivalent of a full body work out, and we promise to make your kids' brains swole with knowledge.

Developmental Benefits

We're parents too and we HATE it when our kids premium apps still bombard them with ads. You won't find those on Prodigies, we promise!!

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What our customers say

This is the most incredible thing! Jaime is 5, mostly non verbal.... she has never put more than 2 syllables of anything together unprompted.

I cried when she sang me Solfege and played her bells on the way to bed one night. She has been watching your video for about a month. Thank you for the magical thing that your program has done for her!

Jacki Walsh

Toddlers are incredibly receptive to learning about the language of music & are ready to rock out. This is a great time for kids to explore all kinds of musical sounds and instruments.

Children at this age are prime for what we call “meaningful and memorable play" with individual notes. We focus on pitch-training to get your preschooler singing in tune & playing their first instrument!



School Age

In our later lessons, your child will learn to read sheet music, advance their musical vocabulary, learn chordal and harmonic relationships through intervals, work on ear-training, rhythmic dictations & more. 

By Parents & Teachers, For Parents & Teachers

Mr. Rob & Ms. Sam started Prodigies in 2016 to create a colorful approach to early pitch development and music education. They create all their materials in house, they work with local printers and importers, and they've built an incredible team and community to make sure folks using Prodigies thrive musically. #HappyMusicing

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