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Teach your kids music with a colorful, fun & interactive music program.

With Prodigies, your kids will be singing in tune, hand-signing with Solfege & playing their first instrument.

Easy at home.
Powerful in the classroom.

How Prodigies Works

1. Colorful Video Lessons

Stream over 400 music lessons that will get your kids singing, hand-signing, tapping & clapping their way to an amazing music education.

2. Easy-to-play Instruments

Follow along on a colorful set of Deskbells or on piano, xylophone, recorder & ukulele.

3. Lesson Plans, Worksheets & Sheet Music

Take things further with lesson plans, worksheets, sheet music & activities with our curriculum books & PDFs.

Welcome to Prodigies

Discover a step-by-step system that will have your kids singing, hand-signing & playing their way to an amazing music education

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Top 10 Secrets for Teaching Kids Music

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Schools Love Prodigies

Whether you’re a small preschool with a small budget, or a full-fledged music school, our curriculum makes music class more engaging, fun and effective

Curriculum Tour

Take a video tour of Prodigies to learn more

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It’s really great how easy your websites are to update and manage. I never have any problem at all!


Mary Sequoia


My new site is so much faster and easier to work with than my old site. It used to take me an hour or more to update a page.


Marcus Alpine


My new site is so much faster and easier to work with than my old site. It used to take me an hour or more to update a page.


Philip Glacier


It’s really great how easy your websites are to update and manage. I never have any problem at all!


Robin Yellowstone


It’s almost like having a designer right here with me. I just choose the page, make the change and click save. It’s so simple.


Amy Redwood


I can’t believe how good the customer support is on this product. I’m used to waiting weeks to hear back. Not any longer!


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Video Lessons

Prodigies has the look and feel of a TV show making it fun & easy for kids to learn the language of music!

Performance Tracks

Sing, hand-sign and play through hundreds of colorful sheet music videos designed for multiple instruments/kids.

Lesson Plans & Curriculum

Whether you’re homeschooling a group of 4, teaching a group of 25, or just working 1 on 1 with your child, Prodigies has lesson plans, worksheets, sheet music & activities to take your learning further.

Course Progressions

NEW Course Progressions combine ALL the Prodigies material for a more complete & step-by-step approach. Complete with lesson plans, lesson tracking & corresponding sheet music, worksheets and activities.

Series & Courses

Take a closer look at the series of lessons inside Prodigies

  • Playtime Prodigies – 12+ fun & colorful primer episodes for toddlers and preschoolers
  • Preschool Prodigies – 80+ videos spanning 1-2 years of music curriculum for kids ages 3-6
  • Performance Prodigies – 80+ colorful sheet music videos for groups
  • PsP Melodies – 20+ short hand-sign exercises for quick and instrument free practice
  • Primary Prodigies – 80+ videos of more difficult concepts, songs and music theory for school-age kids
  • Recorder Prodigies – 50+ videos focused on school-age recorder curriculum
  • Holiday Prodigies – 50+ videos focused on learning 20 Holiday Songs
  • Parent/Teacher Training & Help Videos – 12+ videos to help orient, optimize & implement
  • Ukulele Prodigies – COMING SOON!
  • PLAY Mode for a Netflix like experience
  • TEACH Mode for Courses, Lesson Plans & Activities
  • 800+ pages of PDF lesson plans, activities, sheet music & assessments
  • Quizzes, games, community, instruments, and more!

For Younger Kids

Prodigies focuses heavily on early music education inside of Playtime Prodigies, Preschool Prodigies & Performance Prodigies. This way, you can give your kids meaningful play with pitch during the critical years for auditory development.

For Older Kids & Adults

Inside of Performance Prodigies, PsP Melodies, Primary Prodigies, Recorder Prodigies and Ukulele Prodigies, we have a growing library of more difficult material that’s better suited for school-age kids or any beginner musician.

Program Philosophy

Error-proof Learning

  • Colorful, affordable & accessible music lesson for kids
  • Video series focused on a practical approach to singing in tune & developing a good sense for pitch & rhythm
  • Curriculum focused on early instrumental performance
  • Helps children develop absolute pitch during their formative years

Meaningful Play with Individual Notes

  • Affordable and accessible music lessons for everyone
  • Gives children an education about musical pitch during the age when it can blossom into a life-long sense for pitch (meaningful exposure to pitch during the critical period for auditory development)
  • Demystifying music & early music education for parents, teachers & kids

Brain Based Vocabulary & Instruction

  • Kinesthetic hand-signs to go with pitch
  • Learn music through numbers (scale degrees), note names (C D E), Solfege (Do Re Mi), Hand-signs and Colors

No musical background required

  • Easy for parents at home who want to teach their kids music
  • Engaging & easy to implement in the preschool classroom
  • Advanced material for elementary music teachers

What Our 2000+ Members Are Saying

Read more Parent/Teacher Testimonials here

I  could go on for days about how wonderful PsP is! I use it to teach music in a special needs class setting, with my own young kids, and in one on one music lessons. It works for everybody! It is easy to facilitate and is excellent quality. It is fun and entertaining, but it truly teaches young kids how to make and appreciate music! It has also given me as a new music teacher confidence and guidelines to teach skills that build on each other and make sense.


– Stephanie Powell

Prodigies is absolutely fantastic! I have a lot of friends doing “Let’s Play Music” with their kids, but I just couldn’t see paying that much when I have a masters degree in Classical and Jazz Piano. Then I found this! Mr. Rob’s teaching style is on point, and I recommend it to absolutely everyone! I’ve been using it as part of homeschooling my three little boys, and they all LOVE it and are learning so quickly and applying it to everything, and love going over to the piano and picking out things that they’ve learned on their bells. Absolutely fantastic.


– Heather Bosshardt