Do I need an instrument (like the bells) to enjoy Prodigies?

View our most updated Instrument Guide here: https://prodigies.com/instruments-to-use-with-prodigies-and-where-to-find-them/

At first, you can certainly start off without an instrument.

Inside of Playtime Prodigies, PsP Melodies & Performance Prodigies, you’ll find plenty of songs that you can easily sing and hand-sign with (no instrument required)!

Plus, there are lots of rhythm episodes where you can tap and clap along as well and 2 Free Bell Apps that you can download to use as a digital instrument!

That said, for continued enjoyment and success with Prodigies, we strongly recommend following along with an instrument.

Any of the instruments below will take you far:

  • set of C Major Deskebsll
  • a xylophone or resonator bells
  • a glockenspiel (or marimba)
  • a piano (with color coded stickers)

Learn more in the videos and FAQs below


Prodigies WITHOUT an Instrument

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What instruments can I use?

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  • If you’re ready for a real instrument we recommend the Deskbells
  • For a more affordable but slightly harder option, try Prodigies Resonator Bells or a xylophone
  • Colorful stickers make pianos and xylophones Prodigies Friendly
  • Boomwhackers
  • Recorder & Ukuleles

Why the Deskbells?

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  • Durable, colorful & well tuned
  • Polyphonic & expressive
  • Isolated notes increases chance of success
  • 2 year 3 bell replacement policy
  • Find bells in our shop or look for Chromanotes colored bells from a variety of distributors

The 3 Sets of Deskbells

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  • C Major – Over 300 Songs with just these bells
  • Where accidentals and bass/treble notes appear, we often notate a C Major harmony for people without bell expansions
  • Chromatic Expansion – 5 Sharps and Flats for Primary Chapter 2, Holiday & later series
  • High Low Extensions – 7 Low and High notes