Happy 2019: January Giveaway, Enrollment Sale & Website Updates!

Welcome back to the new and improved ProdigiesMusic.com.

In case you’re new here, Prodigies is an online music curriculum that’s colorful, fun and easy to use.

Here on the Prodigies blog, we share free resources, announcements and giveaways, and we’re thrilled to kick off the new year with an epic #MusicMonday.

3 Quick Announcements from Mr. Rob

First up, our January Giveaway

To help bring some good vibes to 2019, we’re kicking things off with our first giveaway of 2019.

We’re giving away 6 sets of Prodigies Resonators bells! These will make an amazing addition to any classroom or cul de sac, so whether you’re leading groups of 20 Orff loving 3rd graders or conducting a neighborhood jam session, these are sure to be a hit!

You can find all the details of the giveaway here and make sure to enter by the end of day January 17th to be entered to win!

Next up, our New Website!

We wrapped up the end of 2018 by rebuilding our entire website.

We ditched a bunch of old code and software and stripped the site down to the bare essentials in an effort to make it as fast as possible.

For some perspective, our old site would sometimes take 5-12 seconds to load a webpage (ouch).

The new site can load some of the pages in less than 2 seconds, which is something we are super excited about.

And finally, our first Enrollment Sale of 2019!

It’s Winter Enrollment time here at Prodigies, and you can save big on curriculum packages between Jan 7th and January 18th.

Want to learn more about the Prodigies Music Curriculum? Check out our info page with all the details here, or chat up our team in the lower left corner of the site.

During this 2 week enrollment period, you can…

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