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Totigies: Volume 1
Beet & Cherry (Playtime - Easy)
Campfire Song (Playtime - Easy)
Beet & Shh (Playtime – Easy)
Vivaldi's Spring (Playtime - Easy)
Do Mi Sol Signs (Playtime Totigies Teaser)
Beet & Melon (Playtime - Easy)
I'm a Nut (Playtime - Medium)
Beethoven's 5th (Playtime - Easy)
Beet & Watermelon (Playtime - Hard)
Brahms' Lullaby (Playtime - Easy)
Meteor Man (Playtime - Hard)
I Saw Three Ships (Holiday Sing-along)
Let Us Play! (Preschool Theme)
Hello C (Preschool 1.1)
Short and Long Stars  (Preschool 1.2)
C and Shh (Preschool 1.3)
Sweet Beets w/ Beet & Shh (Preschool 1.R)
Do Mi Sol Slide (Preschool 1.4)
Chord Watching #1 (Preschool 1.5)
Solfege Slide in C Major (Preschool 1.6)
Do-Mi Stars
What Note Is It #1? (Preschool 1.L)
Chapter 1 Matching Game & Quiz (Preschool 1.F)
Do Mi Sol Melody Game (Preschool 1.G)
Hello C (Performance 1.1 Song)
Hello C (Performance 1.1 Track)
D, Doo Wop (Performance 1.2 Song)
D, Doo Wop (Performance 1.2 Track)
Hola E (Performance 1.3 Song)
Hola E (Performance 1.3 Track)
Fabulous F (Performance Song 1.4)
Fabulous F (Performance 1.4 Track)
G Oh Gee (Performance 1.5 Song)
G Oh Gee (Performance 1.5 Track)
Aloha A (Performance 1.6 Song)
Aloha A (Performance 1.6 Track)
Bonjour B (Performance 1.7 Song)
Bonjour B (Performance 1.7 Track)
Hi High C (Performance 1.8 Song)
Hi High C (Performance 1.8 Track)
Low C and High c (Preschool 2.1)
Left C, Right c (Preschool 2.2)
Listening C vs c (Preschool 2.3)
Sweet Beets #2 - Beet & Cherry Easy (Preschool 2.R)
C Sock Slide (Preschool 2.4)
C Chord Slide (Preschool 2.5)
Pipes in C Major (Preschool 2.6)
"What Note Is It?" #2 (Preschool 2.L)
Re-Fa Stars
Chapter 2 Game & Quiz (Preschool 2.F)
Low & High - Do do (Performance 2.1 Track)
Single Stroke Roll RLRL - Do do (Performance 2.2 Track)
Double Stroke Roll - Do do (Performance 2.3 Track)
1 8, They're Great! - Do do (Performance 2.4 Track)
Birds Fly - Do do (Performance 2.5 Track)
Two Foot Stomp - Do do (Performance 2.6 Track)
Stomp Stomp Clap - Do do (Performance 2.7 Track)
Paradiddle (RLRR) - Do do (Performance 2.8 Track)
Honu Go Slow - Do do (Performance 2.9 Track)
C and G, Best Friends (Preschool 3.1)
Wheels on the Bus (Easy) (Preschool 3.2)
C Major and G Major (Chords, Preschool 3.3)
Sweet Beets #3 - Beet & Cherry (Preschool 3.R, harder)
The Chords on the Bus (Preschool 3.4)
Chord Watching II: C Major (I) and G Major (V) (Preschool 3.5)
Which Witch? (Preschool 3.6)
Mi-Sol Stars
"What Note Is It?" #3 (Preschool 3.L)
3.F - Interactive Game & Quiz
Wheels on the Bus - Do Sol (Performance 3.1 Track)
Row Your Boat - Do Sol (Performance 3.2 Track)
Polly Wolly Doodle - Do Sol (Performance 3.3 Track)
Frere Jacques - Do Sol (Performance 3.4 Track)
Yankee Doodle - Do Sol (Performance 3.5 Track)
Beethoven's Minuet No. 2 - Do Sol (Performance 3.7 Track)
Vivaldi's Spring in C Major - Do Sol (Performance 3.8 Track)
Vivaldi's Spring in E Major - Mi Ti (Performance 3.9 Track)
Do, Re, Mi Warm Up (Preschool 4.1)
Mary Had a Little Lamb (Preschool 4.2)
Hot Cross Buns (Preschool 4.3)
Sweet Beets #4 - Beet & Pineapple (Preschool 4.R)
Merrily We Roll Along (Preschool 4.4)
Sally The Camel (Preschool 4.5)
London Bridge is Falling Down (simplified chords) (Preschool 4.6)
Fa-La Stars
"What Note Is It?" with C, D & E (Preschool 4.L)
4.F – Chapter 4 Matching Game & Quiz
Do Re Mi Melody Game
Warm-Up #1 - Do Re Mi (Performance 4.1 Track)
Warm-Up #2 - Do Re Mi (Performance 4.2 Track)
Hot Cross Buns - Do Re Mi (Performance 4.3 Track)
Merrily We Roll Along - Do Re Mi (Performance 4.4 Track)
Spaceship - Do Re Mi (Performance 4.5 Track)
Gently Sleep - Do Re Mi (Performance 4.6 Track)
Mary Had a Little Lamb - Do Re Mi (Performance 4.7 Track)
Au Claire De Lune - Do Re Mi (Performance 4.8 Track)
Hot Cross Buns (Hard) - Do Re Mi (Performance 4.9 Track)
Dinosaur - Do Re Mi (Performance 4.10 Track)
Sally the Camel - Do Re Mi (Performance 4.11 Track)
Rainbows Shine - Do Re Mi (Performance 4.12 Track)
Mary Had a Little Lamb (My First Songbook)
Jingle Bells (My First Songbook)
When the Saints Go Marching In (My First Songbook)
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (My First Songbook)
Baa Baa Black Sheep (My First Songbook)
Avocado (My First Songbook)
Farmer in the Dell (My First Songbook)
Frére Jacques (My First Songbook)
Mi Sol La Warm Up (Preschool 5.1)
Doggie Doggie, Where's Your Bone? (Preschool 5.2)
It's Raining, It's Pouring (Preschool 5.3)
Sweet Beets #5 - Beet & Avocado (Preschool 5.R)
Lucy Locket (Preschool 5.4)
Acka Backa (Preschool 5.5)
Bye Bye Baby Bunting (Preschool 5.6)
Sol-Ti Stars
"What Note Is It?" - E G & A (Preschool 5.L)
Warm-Up - Mi Sol La (Performance 5.1 Track)
Hammer Ring - Mi Sol La (Performance 5.2 Track)
Doggie Doggie, Where's Your Bone - (Performance 5.3 Track)
Bounce High, Bounce Low - Mi Sol La (Performance 5.4 Track)
It's Raining, It's Pouring - Mi Sol La (Performance 5.5 Track)
Rain Dance - Mi Sol La (Performance 5.6 Track)
Lucy Locket - Mi Sol La (Performance 5.7 Track)
Bobby Shafto - Mi Sol La (Performance 5.8 Track)
Acka Backa - Mi Sol La (Performance 5.9 Track)
Bickle Bockle - Mi Sol La (Performance 5.10 Track)
Bye Bye Baby Bunting - Mi Sol La (Performance 5.11 Track)
Wolf - Mi Sol La (Performance 5.12 Track)
5.F – Chapter 1 Matching Game & Quiz
Fa Sol La Warm Up (Preschool 6.1)
Jingle Bells (Preschool 6.2)
Ode to Joy (Preschool 6.3)
Snow Day (Preschool 6.R)
Dreidl (Preschool 6.4)
We Wish You a Merry Christmas (Preschool 6.5)
Auld Lang Syne (Preschool 6.6)
La-Do Stars
"What Note Is It?" - F, G & A (Preschool 6.L)
6.F – Chapter 1 Matching Game & Quiz
Fa Sol La Practice