June Update from Prodigies – New Giveaway, Chromatic Clearance Continued & Ambassador Update

We’ve got 3 exciting announcements to kick off the month of June here at Prodigies!

1. New Giveaway Is Live

We’re kicking off a summer of giveaways with an exciting chance to win 10x Prodigies Resonator Xylophones!

This is a great giveaway for anyone working in classroom or group!

There’s several ways to enter and a bonus for completing them all before the winner is announced June 15th.

Enter the contest here and may the odds be ever in C Major!

2. Chromatic Clearance Continues

We’re continuing special prices on Chromatic Deskbells & Chromatic Songbooks all June long.

On Instagram, we just shared a ton of information all about the Chromatics. Plus, we’re working on new videos featuring the Chromatic notes as well as featuring some current Chromatic videos inside Prodigies.

During the Chromatic Clearance event, you can score

3. Updated Ambassador Program

Last up, we’ve been working hard to improve our Affiliate Program!!

We’ve introduced a new portal, new training materials and new creatives to help our Ambassadors make money while spreading the word about Prodigies.

If you’re interested in the Ambassador program, check out the details at…


Happy Musicing!!

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