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Sing, Hand-Sign & Play with 500+ Video Music Lessons For Kids 2-12

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Lessons for the Young Musician

Teach your kids the fundamentals of music with a colorful & accessible video program that feels a bit like “Blues Clues meets Guitar Hero.”

Start Your Child’s Musical Journey Today

Colorful Lessons Covering General Music, Recorder, Ukulele, Piano & More. Easy at home. Effective in the classroom.

“This program has revitalized my 30 year teaching career! Bravo! My students are engaged and learning at a rapid rate. I use this program with my xylophones & Boomwhackers with much success!

Video lessons allow me to float around the room to correct students hand positions and provide one on one instruction where needed. I am able to provide better feed back & it is saving my voice. I ❤️ this program!”


Donna Tugby

Elementary Music Teacher

Over 500 Video Music Lessons

Whether you’re a bouncing baby clapping along with “Sweet Beets” or a pre-teen woodshedding “The Hall of the Mountain King,” better musical skills are just a few minutes away with Prodigies.

Our Philosophy


Develop a strong tonal center by focusing on the individual musical notes during your child’s formative years.


Memorize the sound of the musical notes by learning them through hand-signs, numbers & colors.


With color-coded instruments, videos & curriculum, Prodigies is easy enough for young kids and non-musician parents and teachers.

“My youngest son developed perfect pitch before he was age 4 by using Mr. Rob’s lessons! He is 5 now , and loves to point what notes his Dad is playing on the guitar.

When he can’t think of the name of a note he wants to hear, he says stuff like “Mom, I want the song that starts with a G Note! Prodigies music lessons are amazing!”


Jenni Lemerand


Your Kids Will


Kids LOVE to sing and Prodigies makes it easy to help them develop their voice by singing simple songs about the musical notes.


By combining Solfège (Do Re Mi) with easy to remember hand-signs, kids connect the abstract sounds of the musical notes to concrete & memorable motions


By combining Solfège (Do Re Mi) with easy to remember hand-signs, kids connect the abstract sounds of the musical notes to concrete & memorable motions


By focusing on meaningful exposure to pitch during the critical period for auditory development, Prodigies delivers an early music program that makes the most of your child’s rapidly developing auditory centers


Through echo songs, easy rhythmic dictations, and a common-sense approach that starts with Beet & Cherry (Prodigies), advances to Ta and Ti Ti (Kodaly), and up through standard rhythmic subdivisions (1e+a 2e+a)


Using colorful instruments and music makes it easy to get kids performing, composing and improvising in a very real way

“This is the most incredible thing! Jaime is 5, mostly non verbal…. she has never put more than 2 syllables of anything together unprompted.

I cried when she sang me Solfege and played her bells on the way to bed one night. She has been watching your video for about a month. Thank you for the magical thing that your program has done for her!


Jacki Walsh


Prodigies Features

Prodigies features a growing library of video lessons, courses, curriculum downloads & colorful sheet music.

Holistic Musical Approach

We combine hand signs, colorful bells, recorder, ukulele, Boomwhackers & more for a fun, well rounded and whole-musician approach

Video Lessons for Kids 2-12

With the look and feel of a TV show, Prodigies is fun & easy for kids ages 2-12.

Colorful Video Sheet Music

Teacher-free video with colorful sheet music designed for multiple instruments & kids.

Lesson Plans & Curriculum

Print out lesson plans, checklists, sheet music, worksheets & more to enhance your musical journey!

1 Login Per Family

Use one login for your whole family and enjoy unlimited streaming of all videos!

Course Progressions

Step-by-step course progressions help guide you through different levels & instruments.

Printable Activities, Sheet Music, Lesson Plans & Checklists

All Lesson Plans & Printables Included in ALL Plans

“I think you’ll be pleased to know that every class my students ask me, “Do we get to watch crazy Mr. Roberto today?” They all love “crazy Mr. Roberto”, and they are all learning a lot of music and having a lot of fun doing it!

Thanks very much for making such great material available. And thank you for opening up some new teaching avenues for me. I’m 50 years old, I have a degree in music, and I’ve been teaching piano since I was 15, but this curriculum has made me a better teacher. Thank you.”


Ann Anderson

Elementary Music Teacher

Effective for Parents, Teachers, Therapists & Educators of All Stripes

Our video lessons make it easy, while lesson plans, workbooks performance tracks, quizzes & curriculum allow you to take it further

For Families

Even if you know very little about music, you’ll be able to give your kids an amazing musical head start (while probably learning a lot yourself!) Your kids will sing more in tune, learn an instrument & your home will come to life with music!

For Homeschoolers

Prodigies is easy to use with multiple kids and you only need one account! Plus, you can print as many worksheets & checklists as you need to show your work and take the videos further 

For Music Teachers

Music teachers love our focus on Solfege, Orff inspired instruments & Kodaly concepts. Experienced teachers will immediately understand the concepts, patterns & approaches we take allowing you to dive into group lesson plans, worksheets, performance prep & more. 

For Therapists & Adaptive Music

By being colorful, rhythmic & formatted for early readers, Prodigies makes music lessons more accessible than ever. We’ve seen non-verbal kids sing Solfege, play the bells and so much more and we’re always designing with adaptive music in mind.  

For Early Childhood Educators

Early Childhood Educators tend to be a sing-songy bunch, which makes them perfect Prodigies teachers. Plus, preschool children are in their critical period for auditory development which means you can have an exponpentially larger impact on a child’s long-term musical ear.

For District Admins & Studios

If you’re looking to roll out a colorful, approachable and effective music ed solution, we have group plans and bundles to help you implement Prodigies at scale. Plus, we’re developing a new LMS complete with distance learning features, reporting, student feedback & more.

Community of Parents, Teachers & Music Lovers

Families, teachers, studios & classrooms the world over are using Prodigies to make music fun, easy & accessible.

Active Facebook Group

Our Facebook group has over 1,500 active parents & teachers talking about lesson ideas, follow up activities, recital ideas and more.

Your Feedback is Heard!

We’re always taking song requests, ideas for lessons & feedback of all kinds. As Prodigies grows, you get more videos, lessons & features for the same monthly price.

Small Family Company

Prodigies is built and maintained by a small family company, so you’ll likely come to know Mr. Rob, Ms. Sam & Mr. Michael pretty quickly.

Practice & Learn with a Variety of Instruments


The core curriculum focuses on bells that are colorful, easy & fun to play.

While they are ideal for beginners & children with special needs, they are also quality and expressive enough for mature players.

Look for Chromanotes(TM) colored Deskbells On:


Voice + Hand-Signs

Prodigies combines singing Solfege (Do Re Mi etc) with simple hand-signs to make pitch development concrete, memorable & fun.

This way, you always have an instrument with you!

The hand-signs help to make the abstract idea of pitch more concrete and memorable.

Plus, by combining two hands with our voice, we’re activating multiple areas of the brain for more points of access to pitch.

Free Bell App

Go digital with our free Prodigies Bells App!

The app features a C Major Scale & a more Chromatic instrument.

Digital bells are also available on our site, or you can download the standalone bell apps below.

Available On

iTunes Store
Google Play


Learn to play your first wind instrument with our medieval themed series, Recorder Prodigies.

We recommend the Aulos 3 Piece Student Recorder, but any decent soprano Recorder will work.

Available On



Discover Hawaii’s favorite stringed instrument in Ukulele Prodigies, a colorful introduction to the Ukulele.

When starting with a Ukulele, we recommend choosing a soprano, concert or Tenor Uke to begin.

Available On


Mallet Percussion

Prodigies works wonderfully with Xylophones, Glockenspiels & other mallet percussion.

Mallets present more challenging alternative to the deskbells, which is good for kids ages 5+.

Add some colorful stickers for a more error-proof instrument.

Available On

25 Note Glockenspiel on Amazon
Colorful Stickers on Amazon
SOLD OUT: Colorful Stickers from Prodigies


You can also follow along with a piano, and we recommend color coding your keys with Chromanotes Stick Ons.

Note that Piano Prodigies IS NOT yet available, though the bell lessons are easily followed by piano as well.

Available On

Touch Sensitive Keys on Amazon
Colorful Stickers from Prodigies
Colorful Stickers on Amazon


Most of the rhythm lessons in Prodigies can be followed by tapping, clapping & stomping.

However, if you want to make it a little more fun, look for some of the popular kids percussion instruments listed below.

Available On

Remo Kids Drums on Amazon
More Percussion from RhythmBand.com


A standard in the music education classroom, all of our materials match the colors for Boomwhackers.

These musical tubes are great for large groups, movement activities, and playing 1 or 2 notes by yourself.

Available On


“I am so happy that I went through my education foundation in our town to get Prodigies for my special education classroom. My students started with the program in January and even though we move at our own pace through it the progress is amazing!

They have always enjoyed music and it is even therapeutic for some but unfortunately the mainstream class is just too challenging.

This program has brought their love of music into my classroom at an appropriate pace, it’s super engaging and they are learning so many skills. All my students have either increased their ability to follow a rhythm or have now learned to keep a rhythm, follow directions, wait to play which is huge and also control their hands.

My students look forward to the music period in our schedule and sing the cya later song ALL the time. They were beyond excited to watch and play the hello song for #worktogetherwednesday.

It has been life changing to find something so perfect for my students who tend to be left out. I am so grateful to have this program and see the joy it brings to my students!

Thank you for creating such amazing resources for a wide range of kiddos.”


Nicole Green

Music Therapist

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Prodigies?

Prodigies is a streaming music program for kids.

Whether you’re a parent at home with no musical background, or a music teacher with 20 years experience, Prodigies will help make teaching your kids music easier than ever.

Prodigies combines fun video lessons & songs with easy-to-play instruments (like bells, books, recorder & ukuleles).

How much Does Prodigies Cost?

Prodigies Play, our suite of streaming apps, costs $12.99 per month. Your one membership unlocks all 500+ video music lessons and corresponding curriculum for you and anyone watching in your household.

The $12.99 option is also good for teachers using Prodigies as a front-of-class instruction tool. For student memberships, LMS features and student/teacher reporting, check out Prodigies Academy

Where Can I Watch Prodigies?

Prodigies videos are available in our app, Prodigies Music Lessons to stream on ProdigiesMusic.com and through our app, Prodigies Music Lessons (AppleTV, Roku, fireTV, iOS, Android, Chromecast).

We recommend a colorful set of Deskbells to follow along, which are durable & easy to play.

Don’t have any deskbells? That’s okay!

You can also follow along with the hand-signs or with mallet instruments, a piano, or our free Prodigies Bells app.

Many of the lessons don’t even require an instrument, as we’re often focused singing, hand-signing, tapping, clapping, or listening to musical quizzes.

You can simply get out your bells and play along with the videos, or you can take things further with songbooks, workbooks, lesson plans & group activities. Teachers can even enroll students at a discounted price to enhance their studio offerings & student engagement.

What Instrument Can I Learn Using Prodigies?

Our general music curriculum is built around a combination of singing with the Solfège Hand-Signs, and playing a colorful set of Deskbells.

We love the Deskbells because they’re easy to play & super durable.

Don’t have any deskbells? That’s okay!

You can also follow along with the hand-signs or with mallet instruments, a piano, or our free Prodigies Bells app.

Many of the lessons don’t even require an instrument, as we’re often focused singing, hand-signing, tapping, clapping, or listening to musical quizzes.

You can simply get out your bells and play along with the videos, or you can take things further with songbooks, workbooks, lesson plans & group activities. Teachers can even enroll students at a discounted price to enhance their studio offerings & student engagement.

What’s unique about Prodigies?

Most early music programs focus on movement, songs & life-skills learned through music.

Prodigies instead focuses on music theory, pitch training & playing a pitched instrument during your child’s critical period for auditory development.

We use colors, Solfege, numbers & hand-signs to make the musical notes accessible, memorable and fun.

By focusing on the language of music & music theory while kids are in this critical period for auditory development, Prodigies helps kids internalize the sound of the musical notes to make music almost second nature.

What skills will my child learn by using Prodigies?

As your kids progress through Prodigies, they will develop a variety of musical skills & talents.

  • Pitch development through songs, games & activities about the musical notes
  • Rhythmic development through fun call and response songs (like Sweet Beets)
  • Listening & aural comprehension skills with “Name that Note” & other listening games
  • Play their first instrument, either on the Deskbells, xylophone, piano, recorder or Ukulele
  • Cross-curriculum skills like patterning, sequencing, early math & hand-writing
  • Composition skills using composition activities

In addition to the above skills, learning music will help develop your child’s creativity, problem solving skills, perseverance & more.

Learning a musical instrument helps unlock the recipe for learning ALL skills and with Prodigies, learning music is fun & easy (even for parents and kids with no prior musical experience).

What ages is Prodigies designed for?

Most Prodigies materials are designed for kids ages 2-12, with different video series & course progressions covering different difficulties.

Our Playtime material is expanding the curriculum to infants & toddlers, and our Recorder, Ukulele & Bell Curriculum is progressing into more difficult concepts like intervals, harmonies & roman numeral analysis.

With your video membership, you unlock ALL of the videos for all of the different ages, which makes it easy to get started.

You can can learn more about the scope & sequence in the infographic below.

How do I cancel?

Canceling is super easy from ProdigiesMusic.com/cancel, or from right inside your account.