Month of the Young Child – Free Resource Roundup

To help kick off the Month of the Young Child, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite free resources below!

We hope they help you to jumpstart your child’s music education here in MOYC2020. Happy Musicing!

1. Raising a Young Musician eBook

Discover the unique advantage of giving your kids meaningful play with pitch during the critical period for auditory development.

2. 52 Minute YouTube Collection

Sing, hand-sign & play with a dozen Prodigies Music lessons on YouTube!

3. Free Sheet Music Downloads

Download 4 free & colorful arrangements from our sheet music library

4. Top 10 Secrets to Teaching Kids Music (Training Video)

40 Minutes of our best music ed tips, free downloads & more (for parents & teachers).

5. Teaching Children About the Orchestra

Learn how the different instruments of the Orchestra represent the characters in Peter & the Wolf.

6. “Baby Shark” Music Lesson

Sing, hand-sign & play with Baby Shark

7. “Remember Me” Performance Track

Colorful sheet music & sheet music video for Disney/Pixar’s “Remember Me” from Coco

8. Stars Wars Main Theme Music Lesson

Use to force to level up your musical skills while learning the Star Wars Theme & Imperial March

9. Carnatic Music Lessons on YouTube

In India, Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Ti becomes Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Da Ni. Learn more in this fun & interactive Carnatic Music Lessons

10. Activities for Teaching Your Kids to Sing In Tune

Looking to help your kids sing more in tune? Check out the blog article & activities below!

11. Portside Pirates from Barefoot Books

If you’ve not checked out the books and videos from Barefoot Books, above is one of our favorites!

12: 21 Day Free Trial to Over 500 Videos from Prodigies

Sing, sign & play with over 450 videos from Prodigies