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Friday Night Work Party

Last Friday night, I did what I do most Friday nights after a long week of work. I sat at my desk and dove in on a brand new project for Prodigies.

Had I finished all of the work from my Monday-Friday song and dance? No… definitely not.

I spent the whole week being pulled in a million crazy directions and I couldn’t muster the energy to deal with any more paperwork.

That’s why I resorted to my usual Friday night routine of doing something Prodigies related that legitimately excites me. These days, it’s hard to ever stop working, and these creative weekend projects help me balance the stresses of running a business that we deal with Monday – Friday.

So, once my wife and I put our daughter Lillian to sleep, we both excitedly sat down for another Friday night work party!

New LEARN Series

After shooting and editing all weekend (and most of this past week :-/ ), the end result is a brand-new series of videos that we simply call LEARN.

In the LEARN area on the website (and in our apps LEARN playlist) you can find this brand-new series of 20+ short video tutorials that answer all the regularly asked questions about Prodigies.

Think of these videos as office hours with Mr. Rob. I’ve spent countless hours on chat, on the phone, at conferences and on email answering these same 15-30 questions over and over these past few years.

And even though we’ve had these answers in our Documentation for years now, it felt like it was time for the video version to go live. This way, especially for new app users, you parents and teachers can hear all the details about Prodigies straight from the horses mouth.

For better or worse, I filmed all of the videos without a teleprompter in hopes of letting it feel a bit more like a real conversation and less like a perfectly scripted response.

Some of my personal video FAQs that came out of this series are…

  • the first few videos answering “What Is Prodigies?”
  • a longer one talking about using for Preschool Teachers that really outlines my own personal dreams for what Prodigies becomes
  • the one about using Prodigies without an instrument

There’s also a brand-new site navigation tutorial, which was much in need of an update!

You can find all of the LEARN videos here, or in the left hand navigation menu at the top.

I’ve still got about 6 more short videos that will be going up soon, but the vast majority of the videos are there for you enjoy.

If you find these videos helpful or have any other questions, please let me know in the comments below.

– Mr. Rob

Visit the New LEARN Area

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