Two New Series Announcements: Totigies Preview & Playtime Prodigies Announcement

by Mr. Rob | Apr 15, 2018

Hey everyone! Mr. Rob here with a quick preview of TWO NEW SERIES that we’re working on here at Prodigies.

For most of 2017 and 2018, we’ve been focused on expanding the upward range of program by creating more difficult lessons for elementary school students.

Today, to kick off the Week of the Young Child, we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve begun working on two new series aimed at bringing Prodigies styled music lessons to the 0-3 age range!

Part 1 – Totigies – Music for Infants & Toddlers

Since my wife and I had our first baby 4 months ago, we’ve been thinking a lot more about musical materials for our infant. I shared a bit about what we’ve been doing with Lil so far, but of course, we wanted to make something Prodigies esque for her!

Being that infants and toddlers should have a bare minimum amount of screen time, we knew the series would have to be mostly audio, and so began work on Totigies.

The series is going to focus on presenting the same type of musical patterns thart we teach throughout Prodigies, with an emphasis on arepggios, scales and a musical quality that’s baby friendly and soothing on the ears.

The goal is to create a more passive listening experience that gives babies (and even pre-natal babies) some slow, gentle and soothing exposure to Solfege and to the chords, patterns and scales that make up early music education.

If you’re familiar with Prodigies, you’ve probably seen videos of our good buddy Boo, who’s singing and absolute pitch skills have been wowing us for years! His Dad Michael records a ton of music for Prodigies these days and so it seemed like Totigies would be right up their alley.

That’s why we’re thrilled to share two of the tracks that Michael and Boo have been working here on #MusicMonday during the week of the Young Child. This is the beginning of our efforts to expand Prodigies to even the earliest of age groups and we hope that you enjoy this sneak peek today.

More information and tracks from Totigies can be expected by this Summer!!