NEW SONGBOOK: My First Chromatic Songbook Available Now

NEW SONGBOOK: My First Chromatic Songbook Available Now

by Mr. Rob | Apr 15, 2018

My First Chromatic Songbook is LIVE Inside the Playground & Available for Order TODAY!

To cap off an epic #MusicMonday, we’ve proud to announce the release of My First Chromatic Songbook!

As you may have guessed, My First Chromatic Songbook features a lot more of the Chromatic notes!! Many of you are writing in saying that your kids have mastered the C Major scale and that you’re looking for more Chromatic material so this one is for you!!

The Brand- New Songbook features a dozen songs color-coded for bells and Boomwhackers, and we’re thrilled to finally share it with you all today! Make sure to grab the 5 Bell Chromatic Expansion and the 7 Bell Hi/Low Expansion to really make the most of the book.

Members can find it in the Playground and anyone and everyone can order a paper copy from the Prodigies Shop!

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