November Deals 2023

November Shop Specials – Early Bird Discount, Small Business Bells & Black Friday Cyber Monday Deals

Mr. Rob

Heyo – Mr. Rob here with some quick info about our shop specials for this November!

3 Black Friday Cyber Monday Specials Happening this November

Black Friday Special Mobile 2023

1. 50% Off for 3 Months of Prodigies w code 3FIFTY

For our monthly membership, we’ve got a special “3 Months for 50% Off” deal if you use the code 3FIFTY when enrolling in Prodigies Monthly.

Plus, there’s a 30 Day Free Trial on top of the special, so it’s an insane deal for 4 months of streaming Prodigies Music Lessons.

Lifetime Special

$1,597.00 USD $497

47 of 250 Specials Left

2. $497 Prodigies Lifetime Special – 47 of 250 Left

250 Lifetime Memberships are available on a serious discount. Prodigies Lifetime has sold as high as $1097 in the past and more recently, it’s been hovering around $597. For Cyber Monday this year, we’ve introduced 250 heavily discounted Lifetime Memberships at $497 (pre-coupon).

There are currently 47 left out of the original 250, so check that out here before they sell out or before the deal ends Cyber Monday (whichever happens first).

Ultimate Kit

$1,997 $987.30

24 Available – Ships Thanksgiving

3. Ultimate Kit & Ultimate Kit Plus

There’s also a limited amount of Ultimate Kits available for pre-order that will be shipping around Thanksgiving. These are hovering right around 50% off AND you can use the code EARLYBIRD to save a bonus 15% between now and November 13th!

Ultimate Kit Plus

$2,297 $1,167.30

17 Available – Ships Thanksgiving

Prodigies Curriculum Walkthrough Prodigies Lifetime The Ultimate Kit

4 Free Events with Mr. Rob

During November, we’re also going to be hosting 4 free events focused on taking a deeper look inside Prodigies. We’ll talk pedagogy, strategy and technique, but we’ll spend more time than usual on the product itself, looking at the lessons, the chapter concepts and how the videos flow together.

We’ll also take a look at the Ultimate Kit and all of the bells, books and instruments included in that, just to give everyone a deeper look at our main products and why we and our customers LOVE the Ultimate Kit. It’s shopping season, so we’re not shying away from diving deep into our products on these calls.

Plus, folks who attend will get the chance to win some prizes LIVE on the call, they’ll receive some of our previous more pedagogy based trainings for less product focused info, and they’ll of course have access to a replay of the event in case you miss it.

Free Sheet Music Holidays

LOTS of Free Sheet Music Downloads

Finally, we’ll be rotating out more FREE holiday sheet music downloads all season long.

If you’re already a Prodigies member, you can find all this sheet music inside Prodigies and inside our new sheet music tool at

#HappyMusicing, have a great rest of your day, and until next time we will cya later!