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What Parents & Teachers are Saying

"My youngest son developed perfect pitch before he was age 4 by using Mr. Rob's lessons! He is 5 now, and loves to point what notes his Dad is playing on the guitar.

When he can't think of the name of a note he wants to hear, he says stuff like "Mom, I want the song that starts with a G Note! Prodigies music lessons are amazing!"

Jenni Lemerand

This is the greatest resource I have found in my 28 years as a music educator! The K-3rd graders love everything about “Mr. Rob videos!” I also use it at home with my teenage daughter with special needs and my two young grandsons (5 & 6 years old)!

Mike Green

Music Teacher

My oldest (almost 5) LOVES this program. He asks to watch it constantly, and he’s learned a ton in just over 2 months. My youngest (18 mos) also absolutely loves playing with bells, tapping along to sweet beats, and laughs every time he sees the baby. THANK YOU! I’m very excited to get the kids interested in music so early in life.

Kelly Knight Churbuck


Absolutely love this program!
I found Mr Rob on YouTube when I was looking for ideas for my ESE music class. I am teaching it for the first time. It turns out they LOVE it and so do my other classes when I show it. I teach Middle School Orchestra 6-8 and have incorporated lessons where needed to reinforce concepts. It makes learning music theory and singing so much fun!

Karen Dillard

Music Teacher


This program has revitalized my 30 year teaching career! Bravo! My students are engaged and learning at a rapid rate. I use this program with my existing xylophone fleet and Boom Whackers with much success! Video lessons allow me to float around the room and correct students hand position and provide one on one instruction where needed. Older students also love the Recorder program. I am able to provide better feed back & it is saving my voice. ❤️this program!

Donna Tugby

Music Teacher

This has been so great for my kids, ages 23 mos to 6 yrs. My youngest can always recognize “Do” just by hearing the note and even sings “Do Re Mi Do” over and over to himself all day. It’s super cute. My kids love this. We do it daily after breakfast.

Tia Redford Pratt

Mom, Breakfast Lover

Program Philoshopy

Our colorful and fun program focuses on giving your kids meaningful play with pitch during the critical period for auditory development.

Play with pitch is fun, easy and incredibly effective at giving young kids a life-long sense for pitch, rhythm & music.

Where Kids
Learn Music

The #1 Music program for kids 2-12

Brain Based Vocab

We demystify music by applying motions, numbers, colors, hand-signs and group names to the musical notes.

Early Exposure to Pitch

Your kids will develop a strong tonal center while singing and hand-signing with Solfege, colors, note names & more.

Error Proof Learning

Soar to new musical heights with our self-guided videos and workbooks that make music accessible, easy and fun

Holistic Young Musician

We focus largely on speaking the language of music and playing your first few instruments.

Welcome to Prodigies with Host & Creator Mr. Rob

Your Kids Will...

Sing Solfege to Develop Pitch & Singing Skills

In Level 1, kids receive meaningful exposure to all the notes of the C Major Scale as well as a systematic approach to the three major chords, One, Four & Five!

Read & Play Colorful & Iconic Sheet Music

Our colorful and bold sheet music makes it easy for learners of all skills play through 1 note studies, 3 note melodies, and more complex compositions featuring all 20 Bells

Build Confidence by Playing their First Instrument

Whether you start on our world famous Deskbells, or a Xylophone, a piano, a recorder or an ukulele, Prodigies will get your kids playing with confidence in no time.

Learn to Play & Perform Basic Rhythms

Clap & stomp in various time signatures, waltz, march, simple and compound meter (6/8). Rhythm notated with standard (on the staff, especially in Sheet Music & Performance Tracks & fun songs like Sweet Beets & Snow Day!

Develop Pitch & Aural Skills with the Solfège Hand-Signs

Your child will develop age appropriate aural comprehension abilities as they learn to identify notes and tunes. They will also build their ear training to hear a note without seeing it.

Read Music in the Treble Clef

They will learn to identify notes in the treble clef as well as the grand staff with piano. chord symbols & identify notes through association of color, sound, placement—standard notation and iconic notation.

750+ Video Music Lessons & Songs

From 1 Note Studies, to Sweet Beets & all the way up to Gershwin, Prodigies contains over 750 videos to help your kids fall in love with the art and language of music!

Sheet Music, Worksheets & Lesson Plans

Our colorful and unique sheet music is accessible for all learners and color coded to match Boomwhackers & Prodigies Bells, which makes music easier and faster to learn, even for kids as young as two.

Performance Tracks & Preparation

Prodigies focuses heavily on instrumental, vocal and Solfege practice & performance to get your young musicians confident & concert-ready!

Stream Anywhere. Cancel Anytime.

From your laptop to your TV to your tablet, Prodigies is streamable on the web, iOS, Android, fireTV, Roku4k & beyond. Create playlists, Star Favorites, and take your music lessons on the go with in-app offline streaming of favorites.

For Ages 2-12

Single Note Songs and games for toddlers, short melodies and exercises for preschoolers, and real music theory and compositions for school agers makes Prodigies one of the most expansive music programs on the planet.

Curriculum Outline

Free Intro Material

FAQs, Getting Started Tips Our Best Parent/Teacher Training & 52 Minutes of Free Content to Demo Prodigies

Curriculum PDFs

Songbooks, workbooks and thousands of pages of printable curriculum to help enhance and guide your child's musical journey!


Solfege Rich music for infants and toddlers that makes great background music to reinforce Solfege and early pitch development.

Playtime Prodigies

Toddler friendly Primer videos that don’t require an instrument and feel a bit more like a TV show for kids than true music lessons.

Hello C

This truly starts the Core General Music Curriculum with a focus on the note C, each individual note, the C Major Chord and the C Major Scale.

Low C, High C

Focus more on the concepts of low and high, left and right, and the interval of an octave as we play more songs with the Low C and High C.

C & G, Best Friends

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Do Re Mi

Here we'll zoom in on the first three notes in the musical alphabet, Do Re Mi, and play lots of 3 note melodies like "Mary Had a Little Lamb" and "Hot Cross Buns".

Mi Sol La

To start off Level 1B, we'll focus on the sounds of "Nanny Nanny Boo Boo" -- Mi Sol La -- which make up dozens of melodies like "Doggie Doggie."

Fa Sol La

Here we’ll play more 3 note melodies, but this time in the key of F Major to give us more practice with Fa Sol and La. Plus, we’ll play some more difficult songs using 6 notes.

Major Chords

Here we focus on the 3 Major Chords, C Major, G Major and F Major, and play lots of patterns using these 3 chords. We also review our 3 note melodies in G Major (Sol La Ti).


To finish up Level 1, we play dozens of C Major melodies using everything we’ve learned so far. This combines easier videos with more difficult sheet music as we prep for Level 2.

Hello Bells

A more difficult approach to the C Major material we covered in Level 1 featuring more musical vocab, harder songs and more chord analysis.


A significantly more difficult chapter on intervals, reading black & white music and understanding the nuances of semi-tones.

NEW: Piano Prodigies

We've started adapting our Level 1 General Music Curriculum to create a more piano specific program inside of Piano Prodigies.

Recorder Squire, Knight & Lord/Lady Levels

Take a spin through medieval times with the Squire, Knight & Lordy/Lady Levels of Recorder Prodigies in Recorder Book 1.

Recorder King/Queen, Dragon & Wizard Levels

COMING SOON: Level 4-5 videos are available with Level 6 videos and the 2nd workbook coming soon!

Ukulele Intro

The first 20 Lessons of a brand-new Ukulele Series has launched! Learn basic chords, play simple melodies and discover Hawaii's favorite instrument.

Holiday Prodigies

Sing, hand-sign and play with over 20 Holiday classics. Includes music for Christmas, Hanukkah, Easter and Passover w new Holiday songs coming soon.

#MusicMonday Releases

Every Monday we release new Performance Tracks. These range from easy 2 note Borduns to seriously difficult melodies and themes like "Rhapsody in Blue."

Parent/Teacher Materials

We've also created a handful of high-level training videos for Parents and Teachers to help you understand our guiding principles and methods.

Instruments Your Kids Can Learn with Prodigies

Start our with hand-signs and our free bell app, and move on to bells, xylos, piano, Ukulele, Recorder and more!

C Major Deskbells

Our core instrument allows kids an easy and accessible way to begin learning the language of music. They're durable, easy to play, easy to identify, and they allow you to isolate select groups of notes for more focused practice.

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Chromatic Deskbells

When you're ready for more difficult concepts and songs, adding the sharps and flats (the black keys of the piano) is ready to expand your musical vocab. We use these largely in Level 2 of Prodigies Music.

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Solfege Hand Signs

Most college-level music classes use Solfege for ear training and singing, and here at Prodigies, we make the same ideas fun and accessible for kid as young as 2. By singing with a bilateral kinesthetic motion, your kids will memorize the sounds of the notes faster.

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Slightly more difficult than the Deskbells, color coded xylophones are great for large groups (because they're more affordable) and also great for olders students ready for the challenge of playing with a mallet.

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Bell App

On the go? Want to practice with headphones? Download our FREE Prodigies Bells App to make music with the friendly helping bells!

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Inside Ukulele Prodigies, you and your kids will learn the fundamentals of Hawaii's favorite instrument. Chords, strumming, rhythm and easy melodies will have you feeling like an Ukulele Prodigy in no time!

Piano Friendly

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60 Day, Money Back Guarantee on Ultimate Kits

The Prodigies Ultimate Kit comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Our hope is that your child's music education (and maybe life) are forever transformed by the instrumental, vocal and music theory skills they'll develop with Prodigies.

We maintain an industry-leading return rate of around 1-2%, and we're really only looking for happy & thriving Prodigies members. If your kids don't enjoy the program, or if your homeschooling or music teaching plans change, we have a 60 Day Return window where you can return all the physical goods and digital curriculum free (in the U.S. only -- returns outside the U.S. are NOT free).

It's important that the materials remain in relatively good condition for resale or replacement. Some natural wear is to be expected, especially if you earnestly start working through the workbooks, but the more songbooks, bells and materials that remain in good shape, the easier it will be for us to give you a full refund!