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Discover colorful & friendly video recorder curriculum for young musicians wanting to learn their first wind instrument.

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Learn More Notes & Techniques

After more practice with G, A and B, we use two hands to learn the low note E, before eventually learning High C and High D.

Toward the latter half of the program, we learn the Low C and D, F, F#, and eventually C#.

The program currently ends with crossing the break, but we're always adding new videos both easy and hard.

Practice & Perform Simple Melodies

After we learn a set of notes, you'll practice with a dozen simple melodies featuring those few notes.

This let's you rapidly rehearse and even perform elementary level recorder music within a few minutes or hours.

Read Sheet Music & Complete Reinforcing Activities

Print out Recorder Book 1 to move step by step with the videos!

The book features colorful sheet music, cut out finger cards, technique tips, black and white sheet music and reinforcment activities to help you quickly learn the finger positions and notes.

Book 2 coming August 2022 to round out all six levels of curriculum.

Practice with Orff Inspired Videos for School Age Groups

Working with a group?

Each chapter features a dozen music performance tracks arranged for elementary ensembles. The tracks feature chords, lyrics, percussion parts, and of course, the melody on Recorder.

It's fun for families & game changing for classroom music teachers.

Challenge Yourself with Black White Sheet Music

After you've learned the songs with the help of the note names and finger cards, you can find several Black & White melodies to advance your sheet music skills.

Ascend from Squeaky Squire to Woodwind Wizard

As you learn new notes & techniques, you'll rehearse simple melodies and ascend to new heights on a colorful medieval journey.

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