17: Bedtime w/ Nature Listening, All Through the Night and SEL Affirmations

🎡 Welcome to episode 17 of the Prodigies Music Lesson Show for Kids, where we sing, hand-sign and play our way to an amazing music education! This week, we’re thrilled to share some bedtime friendly listening for kids as requested by many of our listeners! Check it out, enjoy and as always, #HappyMusicing 😊 🎡 β€” Mr. Rob

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My name is Mr. Rob and here at Prodigies, we make music lessons that are colorful, effective & crazy fun.

We love singing about colors, numbers, solfege, scale degrees and nursery rhymes to help kids, families & classrooms learn more about the language of music!

Happy Musicing!

– Mr. Rob & the Prodigies Team 😊

P.S. Our music lesson trick….we love mixing Solfege singing with call and response rhythms in a fun and easy format, while tossing in a little music history and music theory to boot!


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