Primary Prodigies Chapter 2 Has Begun!

Primary Prodigies Chapter 2 Has Begun!

by Mr. Rob | Apr 1, 2018

A year after the release of Primary Prodigies Chapter 1, we are back with Primary Prodigies Chapter 2!! The first section is live inside the Prodigies Playground and we will be adding new episodes, assessments, more worksheets and tons of content to Primary Prodigies Chapter 2 over the next two months.

Chapter 2 of Primary Prodigies is meant to take your child’s understanding of music theory to the next level. The chapter is focused on memorizing the lines and spaces in the treble clef, so that you can start reading more black and white sheet music, The chapter also focuses heavily on intervals, which are a more advanced yet critical concept that helps us talk about the harmony between two musical pitches.

New sections and songs from Primary Prodigies Chapter 2 will be airing every Monday for the next 10 weeks or so! We hope you enjoy Chapter 2 and as always, Happy Musicing!

– Mr. Rob & the Prodigies Team

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