Prodigies Pages Has Arrived! Make Colorful & Bold Sheet Music with Adobe Illustrator

We’re releasing ANOTHER major update to ProdigiesMusic.com, this time for our Teach & Lifetime level members.

AND, if all goes according to plan, this update will create a whole bunch of new content for Play members as well.

The Keys to the Kingdom

A lot of what separates Prodigies from other music programs is our colorful, bold & accessible approach to sheet music.

This is because we make most of our materials using graphic design programs instead of notation software.

This allows us to prioritize things like colors, sizing & design elements that combine standard notation with a more visual style.

This takes more time, but results in sheet music that’s easier (and more fun) to read for kids and adults alike.

For 4 years, we’ve kept a lock on our colorful templates & elements and worked our tails off to make as much material as we can for our members.

But in an effort to build a larger community of Prodigies composers and arrangers, we’re kicking off the new year by unlocking the keys to the our sheet music kingdom!

This means that any of our Teach or Lifetime Members with Adobe Illustrator can start to create sheet music the same way we do.

Adobe Illustrator Templates

If you are familiar with Adobe Illustrator, you’ll instantly be able to use the template we created to make colorful sheet music like we do here at Prodigies!

If you’re less familiar with AI, we’ve made it super easy to use the template.

In the image above, the top left bank (1) contains the template elements. Then in the top right bank (2), you’ll see several blank pages.

All you need to do to arrange a colorful composition is find the note you want on the left.

Then you click and drag (while holding ALT/OPT + SHIFT) from the bank on the left (1) to the pages on the right (2).

Holding ALT/OPT + SHIFT will duplicate the note as you drag it (ALT/OPT) and also keep it perfectly lined up with the staff on the left and right (SHIFT).

And for the most part, that’s it. There are plenty of elements to choose from and we’ll be releasing additional templates in the coming days and weeks.

Video Tutorials

Now, when you’re ready for more difficult moves (like building 8th note stems, changing colored music to black and white, etc), you’ll find over a dozen video tutorials inside the Prodigies Pages course.

This way, even if you’re unfamiliar with Adobe Illustrator, you’ll have a selection of video tutorials to pull from to help you learn the program.

User Generated Content

It’s our hope that folks start to learn this process and make colorful sheet music, that we’ll be able to share these arrangements on ProdigiesMusic.com with all of our members.

This means that everyone enrolled in Prodigies at any level will be able to start reaping the benefits of Prodigies Pages.

Get Started

If you’re already a Teach or Lifetime Member and you’re ready to get started with Prodigies Pages, enroll in the course here.

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