SOLD OUT: Prodigies Lifetime + 12 Sets of C Major Deskbells

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Popular Classroom Setup Includes 

  • Lifetime Access to ProdigiesMusic.com
  • All Video & PDF Downloads
  • NEW: Lifetime Access to SmartTV & Tablet App Access
  • 12 Sets of C Major Deskbells

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Welcome to Prodigies w/ Host & Creator Mr. Rob


Over 400 Interactive, Educational & Accessible Music Lessons for Kids Ages 1-12.

No prior musical training required!

Lifetime includes all parent/teacher guidance, progressions, video downloads & more

100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Free 60 Day Returns


Prodigies Lifetime is our Ultimate Digital Membership. It includes…

  • Lifetime Membership to ProdigiesMusic.com and all past, present & future Prodigies series
  • Unlocks our Download Hall: Download ALL the Prodigies videos for continued use offline (intended for your sites use only, not for sharing with other schools, families, etc)
  • NEW: 3 Years of Tablet + SmartTV App Access (iOS, tvOS, Roku, Android, Android TV, FireTv) + App Renewals at $30/yr (for years 4, 5, etc) – Built and managed by Vimeo.com
  • Never charged again for website access, no matter how many years you use the site or how many upgrades and programs we add
  • Unlimited access to the video & PDF curriculum inside ProdigiesMusic.com including Playtime Prodigies, Preschool Prodigies, Primary Prodigies, Recorder Prodigies, PsP Melodies, Holiday Prodigies, Sweet Beets and more!
  • Lifetime Bundle includes Deskbells, Chromatic Bells, Recorder, 8 Workbooks, 6 Songbooks
  • Streaming & Downloadable access to 400+ music lessons and songs
  • NEW TEACH Mode: Weekly Lesson Plans & Playlists for more in depth tracking and use of the curriculum
  • NEW LEARN Videos: Learn the in’s and out’s of using Prodigies for maximum effect
  • Marketing Materials to help you sell the program to your students’ parents or to your friends as an affiliate
  • Basic printable elements: bell mat; yearly PSP themed calendar; characters and symbols like the rhythm fruits and veggies, the bells, chord triangles, and hand-signs
  • Four welcome videos from the creators of the program
  • Access to private Playground Facebook group
  • PDF access to My First Songbook: Volume I
  • PDF access to My First Songbook: Volume II
  • PDF access to My Chromatic Songbook
  • PDF access to Holiday Prodigies Songbook
  • PDF access to Preschool Prodigies Workbooks: Chapters 1-8
  • PDF access to Primary Prodigies Workbook: Chapters 1-2 (More coming soon)
  • PDF access to Recorder Prodigies (Squire, Knight, Lord/Lady available – King/Queen Level coming soon)
  • MP3 downloads of Mr. Rob’s two CDs from Nature Jams
  • MP3 downloads of Totigies
  • Customer Support

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How to use Prodigies?

3 Approaches that Work…

Sing, Sign & Play with…


The simplest approach is to pick a playlist and sing, hand-sign & play along.

This is quick, easy and will set your kids up for an extended amount of video-led instruction on the web, iOSApple TVAndroidAndroid TVRoku & fireTV.

Expand with some color-coded songbooks for a bit of screen-free practice.

Sing, Sign & Play with…


For a more thorough (yet still simple approach), use the Prodigies Chapter workbooks as your guide.

The workbooks contain simple lesson guides that tell you what materials, videos & concepts you’ll be working with. They also contain the sheet music and activities to go with each section.

By completing the activities and plan outlined in the guide, you’ll reinforce and perfect each concept a bit better before moving onto more difficult lessons.

Sing, Sign & Play with…


For the most thorough and step-by-step approach, look to the course progressions inside the TEACH area.

Here you’ll find our suggested progression for combining ALL of the Prodigies videos into a more lengthy and thorough music education.

The lesson plans (Pro & Lifetime plans) & video playlists allow you to easily deliver a comprehensive 45 minute music class.

For our Pro & Lifetime Members, TEACH features additional activities, sheet music & checklists.

The core progression follows the same path as the workbooks, but includes additional videos that introduce, expand, review & reinforce the core lesson.




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