Preschool Prodigies: Chapter 5 DVD

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NEW: Sing, Sign & Play with our new DVD version of Preschool Prodigies. Disc 5 includes…

  • Preschool Prodigies Chapter 5: Mi Sol La (8 videos)
  • Performance Prodigies Chapter 5: Mi Sol La Studies (12 Videos)


Enjoy the Prodigies Music Curriculum on DVD! Sing, hand-sign and play your way to an amazing music education with colorful, effective and re-playable video lessons from Mr. Rob & Prodigies.

In the Chapter 5 DVD we…

  • Complete 8 Core Lessons focused on Mi Sol La (Preschool Prodigies Chapter 3)
  • Complete 12 Mi Sol La Studies (Performance Prodigies Chapter 5)
  • Focus on the important note combination of Mi Sol and La (think “Nanny Nanny Boo Boo”)
  • Practice more listening games with C G and High C

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What’s inside the Preschool + Performance DVDs?


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