Vivaldi’s Spring

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There is so much to discover in Antonio Vivaldi’s masterpiece, The Four Seasons. Apart from harboring inspiration from the seasons, the concertos were influenced by a set of 4 sonnets crafted about summer, winter, autumn, and spring. The names of the originator of these sonnets remain questionable, although most historians credit Vivaldi for them. This somewhat made sense as Vivaldi, with his numerous concertos, “The Four Seasons” in particular, exemplified the typical concerto form. A typical concerto consists of three movements – a slow middle movement contrasting the lively first and third. Each sonnet (in this case each season) in “The Four Seasons” can be divided into three sections, each corresponding to a movement.

The concertos offer their own musical exhibition through all players, the soloists burning the brightest. “Spring” or “La primavera,” starts with the clarity and crispness of a typical spring day, accompanied by the choirs of birds and streams. It is invaded by a sudden thunderstorm, but the singing birds soon regain dominance. The movement ends with a lively country dance, with inhabitants celebrating the return of fauna and flora after a harsh winter. (Source)

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