Totigies (Volume 1) – CD + Digital Download


Solfege-filled ear-training music for infants, babies & toddlers!

Totigies: Volume I

  1. Baby Wake Up
  2. Swimming in C Major
  3. Twelve Major Scales
  4. Drifting through the Circle of 5ths
  5. Do Mi Sol (C Major Chord)
  6. Sol Ti Re (G Major Chord)
  7. Fa La Do (F Major Chord)
  8. C Major + G Major Chords (I V in C)
  9. C Major + F Major Jam (I IV in C)
  10. F Major + C Major (I V in F)
  11. C F C G Serenade (I IV I V in C Major)
  12. C Major + F Major Lullaby (I IV in C)
  13. C Major + G Major Lullaby (I V in C)
  14. C Major + G Major + A minor Lullaby (I V vi in C)
  15. C Major + F Major + G Major (I IV V in C)


A New Ear-Training CD Series from + BONUS Launch Day Video Teaser

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Totigies is a Solfege rich ear-training series for pre-natal infants, babies & toddlers.

It features the angelic voice of Prodigies wonder-kid Boo, who takes your babies on a journey through arpeggios, scales, chord progressions & and even some chromaticism.

Produced by Prodigies Producer & Team Dad Michael, Totigies has the sound and instrumentation of popular melodic lullabies for kids (slow and relaxing piano & bells), but with an added focus on Solfege and progressions popular in the Taneda method for absolute pitch development.

It also features a bit of high information music and some more improvised chromaticism inspired by Rick Beato & the folks at Nuryl.

As a launch day bonus, we’ve also released a Teaser video of what Totigies videos will look and feel like! They’re even easier and slower than our Playtime series, but because they’re just focused on the Solfege Hand-Signs, it works for people of all ages!  

Boo sings Solfege on Totigies
Prodigies Music Producer Michael Lining


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