“Raising a Young Musician” – Free eBook Download

Looking for actionable and affordable ideas for giving your kids a musical upbringing?

Inside “Raising a Young Musician,” you’ll discover…

  • The #1 Ingredient for giving children a strong sense for pitch and music
  • How to use the Solfege hand signs for teaching your kids to sing in tune
  • How to facilitate rhythmic play for kids at different ages
  • What we can learn about pitch development from Mandarin Chinese
  • How using color coded music makes your child’s musical play more error proof
  • And much more!

One’s potential to learn is never greater than at the moment of birth. The early years of life are crucial for establishing a foundation for lifelong music development. A child’s musical experiences from birth to age five have a particularly profound impact on the extent to which she will be able to understand, appreciate, and achieve in music as an adult.”

– Gordon Institute for Music Learning

Tips inside the Free eBook include…

  • Basic explanation of the musical notes for non-musician parents
  • A quick look at the research and methods surrounding pitch development in young children
  • What hand-signs, games, apps & instruments help facilitate musical play at different ages
  • How to walk the line between a guided and a free-play approach
  • And much more!

The eBook is totally free and no payment information is required at checkout.

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Music acts like a magic key, to which the most tightly closed heart opens

– Maria Augusta Von Trapp

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