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Colorful, modern & standards- aligned curriculum for PK-5 General Music.

Like Quaver, but better 🙂

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General Music Curriculum

PK-5 General Music Curriculum

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If You Want Sweet Beets, We Got ‘Em

Join Mr. Rob, Ms. Sam, Beet, Cherry and all the Prodigies Bells & Friends in a colorful & engaging world full of music theory that students, teachers & directors love!

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Thousands of Content Elements

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Classroom Ready Performance Tracks

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Standards Aligned for K-5 Music

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Powerful LMS Integrations

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Easily Manage Student Assessments & Grades

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Fun & Effective Aural Comp Games

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Compose, Rehearse & Perform

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Add & Create Custom Content

“This program has revitalized my 30 year teaching career! Bravo! My students are engaged and learning at a rapid rate. I use this program with my xylophones & Boomwhackers with much success!

Video lessons allow me to float around the room to correct students hand positions and provide one on one instruction where needed. I am able to provide better feed back & it is saving my voice. I ❤️ this program!”

– Donna Tugby

“I think you’ll be pleased to know that every class my students ask me, “Do we get to watch crazy Mr. Roberto today?” They all love “crazy Mr. Roberto”, and they are all learning a lot of music and having a lot of fun doing it!

Thanks very much for making such great material available. And thank you for opening up some new teaching avenues for me. I’m 50 years old, I have a degree in music, and I’ve been teaching piano since I was 15, but this curriculum has made me a better teacher. Thank you.”

– Ann Anderson

Prodigies Academy

FERPA COPPA Compliant LMS for PK-5 Music Classrooms

For parents and music teachers around the world, Prodigies is the easiest way to teach children age 2-12 music. Your child will learn music literacy, music theory, pitch training & their first instrument(s) during the critical period for auditory development.

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Sing, Sign, Play

Demystifying music lessons

Prodigies makes learning the language of music fun, easy & digestible. We do so by giving each note various names; for instance, the note C is: “C”, “Do”, “Red”, “1” & has it’s own hand-sign. With so many ways to hear & reference musical notes, children build confidence as they learn & internalize the musical alphabet.

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Our Philosophy

Early exposure to pitch

Develop a strong tonal center by focusing on the individual musical notes during a child’s formative years.

Brain-based vocabulary

Memorize the sound of the musical notes by learning them through hand-signs, numbers & colors.

Error proof learning

With color-coded instruments, videos & curriculum, children have more opportunities to get it right! We want to inspire confidence & positivity in these early, formative years.

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Over 800 Video Lessons

Non stop musical fun

Whether you’re a bouncing baby clapping along with “Sweet Beets” or a pre-teen woodshedding “The Hall of the Mountain King,” better musical skills are just a few minutes away with Prodigies.

What’s Inside Prodigies?

Hundreds of colorful lessons where kids will discover…

Solfege Singing



Listening Skills

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Desk bells


Music Literacy



One Note Study

One Note Studies




Movement, SEL & More


Frequently Asked Questions

Music Educators Ask…

Level 1 of our General Music curriculum is almost entirely in C Major (where Fixed Do and Movable Do are the same). So that’s nice!!

In Level 2, we have both Fixed and Movable Do variations of the core curriculum and performance tracks. While we believe in the teachability of absolute pitch through Fixed Do, we also understand that Movable Do is more widely adopted by classroom teachers and music educators for a variety of reasons. 

From our experience, children who grow up with Prodigies prefer to stay in the Fixed Do system, where kids who are just coming into music during elementary school are better served by Movable Do. 

Furthermore, as the program progresses into Level 2, we lean into singing about the scale degrees more and more to help distinguish between Movable and Fixed concepts. 

The earlier elements of our curriculum around patterns, numbers, letters, phonics and music are largely inspired by Head Start Standards and guidelines set forth by NAEYC.

The elementary level curriculum inside Prodigies is more aligned with NAfME Music Standards and guidelines.

While Prodigies Lifetime gives teachers TONS of material to tackle the standards, Prodigies Academy is our true standards-aligned digital curriculum for K-5. There you can filter, search and sort by state standards, and even make your own lessons to fill any gaps specific to your program.

If you have mallet instruments, percussion, recorders, ukuleles, Boomwhackers, or any combination of those, you’re going to LOVVVVVEEEE working with Prodigies.

You can jump into the lessons or songs featuring those instruments, or pull up performance tracks that feature multiple instruments to get your ensemble playing together.

By having your kids follow our colorful and fun-to-play sheet music style, you’ll have more freedom to save your voice and float around the room assisting and assessing students one on one.

Um yeaa!!!

We work closely with Rhythm Band Instruments and Chromanotes and we do our best to match the colors we use to the colors they use.

If you find KidsPlay colored instruments (which feature a blue instead of a teal for the note G), these are NOT the same colors. That said, they’re reasonably close and we’ve seen a lot of families and classrooms adjust to make it work.

The colorful and upbeat nature of Mr. Rob & Prodigies often leaves older kids and elementary school teachers wondering… “is this legit enough for 4th & 5th graders.”

And the answer is YES!! Inside the general music curriculum, we have lessons and curriculum covering Mi Sol La, C Major songs, Intervals in C Major, Chords in multiple keys, melodies from Gershwin, Beethoven & more.

Prodigies Lifetime unlocks our streaming video curriculum and PDF library, as well as a few bonus games and resources.

This does NOT include student accounts, Google Classroom integration, or digital interactions more typical of an LMS.

These additional hybrid learning features ARE available from our sister company, Prodigies Academy.

If you’re a K-5 music educator who enjoys Prodigies Lifetime, we would be happy to give you 30 Days Free to Prodigies Academy and we’ll even apply whatever money you spend on Prodigies Lifetime to your school’s first year of Academy access.

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