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I  could go on for days about how wonderful PsP is! I use it to teach music in a special needs class setting, with my own young kids, and in one on one music lessons. It works for everybody! It is easy to facilitate and is excellent quality. It is fun and entertaining, but it truly teaches young kids how to make and appreciate music! It has also given me as a new music teacher confidence and guidelines to teach skills that build on each other and make sense.


– Stephanie Powell

Prodigies is absolutely fantastic! I have a lot of friends doing “Let’s Play Music” with their kids, but I just couldn’t see paying that much when I have a masters degree in Classical and Jazz Piano. Then I found this! Mr. Rob’s teaching style is on point, and I recommend it to absolutely everyone! I’ve been using it as part of homeschooling my three little boys, and they all LOVE it and are learning so quickly and applying it to everything, and love going over to the piano and picking out things that they’ve learned on their bells. Absolutely fantastic.


– Heather Bosshardt

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From the kids using the program to the parents and teachers implementing it, people love Prodigies. Read more testimonials below or check out our 5 Star Reviews on Facebook!

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What Customers Are Saying

“We homeschool our 5 and 7 year old boys, and we knew we wanted to include music education classes at some point, and we figured we’d just take classes that were available locally. But then I saw the Preschool Prodigies videos on YouTube and how my kids LOVED them, so I looked into the program.

The Lifetime Membership was a no-brainer when we compared the cost of two kids to attend weekly classes locally–for about the cost of one year of weekly group instruction, we could get instant access to music lessons and practice materials that my kids can use DAILY–and for many years to come!

We love everything about the PsP program–the workbooks, the videos, the bells. My kids are playing and singing with solfege, handsigns, numbers, colors, and the note letter names! They are speaking a whole new language! We are so impressed with how quickly can effectively they are learning!”

– Lauren

“Wow! This program is amazing and my kids who are 6, 4 and 2 absolutely love it! They are learning so much and always want it on. As a musician myself this is such a great all rounded package with the videos downloadable sheets and lesson plans for parents covering so much about music and theory in a really fun way.

Can’t believe my two year old actually sings solfege – I remember doing it at music college! So much fun and really pleased with the lifetime membership as I know the cost of music lessons myself and this can grow with them and they can access it whenever we want. Thank you preschool prodigies! And as my kids now say to everyone cya later cya later cya cya later!!!

– Amanda

“We decided to invest in the lifetime membership and I’m so happy we did. My three year olds are slowly picking up rhythm and direction following so it’s nice to be know we will have all of these resources to meet them at their level and take as much time as we want.

We have seen a love of music blossom and rhythm start to emerge. I love how easy the program is because I have no musical training, so I can still work with my kids, and I’m learning too! I recommend this program to everybody because I think the value is there.”

– Michelle

“We’ve been using this program all summer and my 4 ye old daughter and 4 yr old nephew live their lesson time! We start off with the workbooks take a break for snack then finish with the videos. Great program and awesome guide for parents to facilitate the lessons easily.”

– Gina Rodriguez