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Welcome Prodigies Student!

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Playtime (Ages 1-3)

Fun & high-energy primer lessons

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Year 1

Video lessons, songs & practice tracks for young beginners.

Preschool Chapter 1 – Hello C

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Performance Chapter 1 – One Note Studies

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Preschool Chapter 2 – Low C, High c

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Performance Chapter 2 – Low & High Studies

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Preschool Chapter 3 – C & G, Best Friends

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Performance Chapter 3 – 1 5 Studies (Borduns)

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Preschool Chapter 4 – Do Re Mi

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Performance Chapter 4 – Do Re Mi Studies

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My First Songbook – Volume 1

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Year 2

Video lessons, songs & practice tracks for beginners.

Preschool Chapter 5 – Mi Sol La

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Performance Chapter 5 – Mi Sol La Studies

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Preschool Chapter 6 – Fa La La

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Performance Chapter 6 – Fa Sol La Studies

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Preschool Chapter 7 – Major Chords

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Performance Chapter 7 – Sol La Ti Studies

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Preschool Chapter 8 – Born to Hand Sign

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Performance Chapter 8 – Level 1 Songs

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Chromatic Bonus:

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Short & sweet Solfege exercises in an echo format

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Primary Chapter 1

More difficult songs, music theory lessons & chord analysis

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Primary Chapter 2

Intervals & black and white music in the treble clef

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Recorder Book 1

Beginner recorder lessons & songs from the Squire, Knight & Lord/Lady levels

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Recorder Book 2

More difficult recorder lessons & songs from the King/Queen, Dragon & upcoming Wizard levels

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Ukulele Book 1

Learn Hawaii’s favorite 4 string instrument

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Holiday – Easy

Warm up your Holiday repetoire with Easy songs from Holiday Prodigies

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Holiday – Intermediate

More challenging songs from Holiday Prodigies

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Holiday – Hard

Difficult songs featuring all 20 bells from Holiday Prodigies

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