Summer Lifetime Membership Special to Support New Video Production

This June, we’re going into the studio and firing up the animation team for a TON of video and music production!

To support Mr. Rob and the content team this summer, we’ve got a month long special on our Lifetime Membership.

The Lifetime Membership is perfect for music studios and homeschooling families who plan to use Prodigies for years and years to come!

Plus, it supports our upfront team as we crank out a ton of new content.

Summer Lifetime Membership Special

From now through Monday July 5th, Lifetime Access to our Streaming Curriculum Apps is only $597.

Plus, if you’re already a monthly or yearly member, you can email or call us for a pro-rated upgrade price.

Who’s the Lifetime Membership For?

The Lifetime Streaming Membership is best for homeschooling families or small music studios who plan on using Prodigies for 5+ years.

It’s also there for any super fans who simply want to help our team produce more content and curriculum. We’re non-stop with the content creation over here, and we’ve been known to throw the occasional Lifetime Sale to help us juice content production 🙂

The Lifetime Membership means you’ll never have to worry about another monthly or annual payment to the Prodigies Streaming Apps! You’ll have unlimited access to all the videos (past, present & future) within our streaming app, Prodigies Music Lessons.

Videos We’re Working on this Summer

This June, July & August we’re looking to finish production on…

  • Piano Prodigies
    • Section 2 – Doo Wop D
    • Section 3 – Hola E
    • Section 4 – Fabulous F
    • Baby Shark Easy & Medium in G Major
  • Playtime Prodigies
    • Buenos Dias – Part 2 (Echo)
    • Tooty Ta (Echo + Movement Song)
    • Dinosaur Dance
    • Sweet Beets – Steady Beet
  • My First Songbook
    • Finish Performance Tracks for Entire Book
    • Introduce 6 My First Songbook Specific Lessons with Mr. Rob
  • Chromatic Expansion Level 1A
    • 6 New Videos Exploring the Chromatic Deskbells
  • More Moveable Do Performance Tracks
    • Additional Moveable Do Variations on current Fixed Do Performance Tracks

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