Summer Update: Student Memberships + LMS Features

  • As we gear up for the 2019-2020 school year, we’ve got some new features and even a road-map of future features that we’re working on building for ProdigiesMusic.com
  • We’re introducing better LMS software to the site, which will improve the TEACH area
  • Unfortunately, it will reset your current course progressions, so make a note of where you are currently in the course
  • We’re also rolling out a cheaper-than-ever option for TEACH/LIFETIME Members to enroll students
  • Additional LMS features (gamification, better quizzes, etc) are in the works

It’s now easier than ever to enroll multiple students into a Prodigies Team!

This way you can enroll your students in Prodigies at a discounted price, either as an up-sell or as a part of their tuition.

We’re working on making the Teacher/Student features more robust over the next year or two. Learn more about the three phases of updates we’re looking at to make the LMS features more robust here at ProdigiesMusic.com.

Phase 1: Better LMS + Cheaper Membership Options

The first phase of this Teacher/Student project is already almost complete, and it has 2 main pieces.

  1. Better LMS
    • We recently rebuilt ALL of our course progressions inside a better LMS. It won’t look or act much differently from our current TEACH area, but it will allow us to build more features to come down the road.
    • The downside is that ALL OF YOUR COURSE DATA will be reset. We’re looking at making this change happen on August 1st, so stay tuned for that.
    • We ask that you make a note of where you are in the program, and when the course progress resets, you can simply click NEXT until you reach where you left off. It’s not ideal, and we apologize! Let us know if we can help you out in anyway.
  2. Cheaper Memberships
    • We’re also taking a risk and making student memberships MUCH MORE AFFORDABLE to our current TEACH and Lifetime users
    • Last summer, you could enroll a student in Prodigies for $67 a year.
    • Under the new system, and as a Summer special, it’s now as cheap as $2.49 per month
    • Lifetime and Teach Members can enroll individual students in 1 of 2 Student Memberships
    • The 1st Plan is WEBSITE ONLY for $2.49 a month
    • The 2nd Plan is WEBSITE + APPS for $4.99 a month
    • Students/Parents can optionally upgrade from the the WEBSITE ONLY to the WEBSITE + APPS to help bridge that financial gap
    • You can either enroll 1 student at a time into your group, or if you’re looking for a bigger option, we have bulk pricing that starts at $497 / year for 50 students (less than $10 per student / yr)

Also, we’re working on the course versions for Primary & Recorder Prodigies, which will be coming soon!

Phase 2 (Winter 2019-2020): More LMS Features Including Social, Quizzes & Gamification

If the demand for Teacher/Student interactivity is there during Phase 1, Phase 2 will involve beefing up the LMS with more social features, teacher/student communication, quiz tracking and badge-ification.

This way teachers can get basic reports from their students (i.e. where they are in the program) and hopefully be able to assign specific lessons or sections to students (if everything works out okay)

We were going to try and pull this off this summer, but with Ukulele Prodigies and other releases, it didn’t seem smart or realistic to try and overhaul the whole site in a few weeks.

Phase 3: (Late 2020-2021): A More Custom Solution

So far Prodigies has been put together by different pieces of technology that we’ve married together.

The more we grow though, the more realistic a custom solution becomes.

This would be Prodigies at its best — all the features in all the apps and in all the ways we want it exactly.

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