Sweet Beets Virtual Choir

We want Sweet Beets! You got some?

We’re arranging a virtual choir video of Prodigies fans having fun with Sweet Beets (Beet & Cherry). Video Submissions are due March 1st! You can email them to Hello@Prodigies.com or upload larger files for better resolution here.

Building a Prodigies virtual choir has been a dream of ours for years, and we’re giving it our all this February and March to make it happen!

To make it happen, we need all you prodigies out there to send us your best performance of Sweet Beets!

Specifically, we want you to…

  • Turn on the Beet & Cherry episode below
  • Record a video of you or your kids having fun, tapping, clapping or singing from the 1:00 mark until the end (including the CYA LATER)
  • Send it to us here or at Hello@Prodigies.com.
  • And make sure to check out more tips and suggestions below before doing so!

Filming Tips and Suggestions

When you record your video, you can…

  • record this in a Zoom-esque style looking right at the camera/screen
  • or you can film it set up in your normal music area (like the image above).

For older kids who can really sing, we’d love to see and hear you in that Zoom-esque format! We’re going to need some quality audio tracks to make the virtual choir a reality!!

For toddlers and younger kids, don’t worry about the audio as much, and instead focus on having fun dancing and tapping along (like the image above).

Of course if your toddler loves singing sweet beets, we’d love to have them in the video. Or if your older kids have some slick dance moves, we’d love that too.

In other words, play to your kids strengths!

And for parents or teachers who love Prodigies and want to submit something, we’d love to see your performances as well!! Maybe you’re strumming it out on the Uke, vibrato-ing it up with your opera skills, or otherwise rocking out on something unique — we’ll take it all!!

It doesn’t have to be perfect performance (we’ll be editing and chopping pieces together), but it should be well lit and something you’d be happy for other folks to see!

The end result video will probably look a lot like our Three Ships Christmas Greeting video that we did a few years back (except with Sweet Beets and lots of you in it)!

Or maybe it’ll look a bit more like this fan-inspired Ben Rector video on YouTube depending on what kind of footage we get from all of you.

So if you got some Sweet Beets, then send ’em, and we’ll keep you posted as the challenge progresses!

4 thoughts on “Sweet Beets Virtual Choir”

  1. My little Red 4 yr old loves “Believer” by Imagine Dragons, but a more kid based song is good old “Herman the Worm.”

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