Prodigies Year 1, Week 1 (Free Demo)

Demo ProdigiesMusic.com

Below is a free excerpt from the first course from ProdigiesMusic.com designed to help you run a 30-45 minute music class using the videos and lesson plan provided.

LEQ: How can Prodigies help me learn music?

Download the Week 1 Lesson Plan

The four videos below will get your kids singing, hand-signing and playing along with some easy videos from our Playtime & Preschool series.

Bonus Download: Free the Solfege Hand-Sign Poster

The activator video, Sweet Beets, is a fun call and response introduction that’s all about playing rhythm.

In the core lesson, Hello C, we’ll take a close look at our home base note and try playings our bells.

Our Performance track today is also based on Hello C, and features more standard looking sheet music and multiple instruments for a more traditional approach.

In the final video, Campfire Song, we’re going to meet three hand-signs (Do Re & Mi) while we sing a fun and easy song to wrap up our lesson!

If you don’t have an instrument, check out our free instruments apps (iOSAndroid and Amazon Fire), or continue using the hand-sign for Do.

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