Teacher Feature Two Amazing Local Music Teachers Rock Prodigies Every Day

Teacher Feature: Two Amazing Local Music Teachers Rock Prodigies Every Day!

Mr. Rob

Meet Stephanie and Sarah – Stephanie runs a small brick-and-mortar music school in Greer, South Carolina, which is close to Greenville, SC. Sarah runs the preschool music classes there. When you walk in the door, you could be greeted with the sounds of scales on pianos, beating of kick drums, singing of violins, strumming of ukuleles, or the familiar ringing of Prodigies Deskbells and Resonator Xylophones!

We met Stephanie at the Great Homeschool Convention in Greenville in 2019, where she bought our Lifetime membership and 6 sets of bells for her music school! From there, she got busy setting up her own Prodigies classes. We caught up with her a few weeks ago to see how they were using the materials in every day music classes for kids. (VIDEO BELOW) We love their enthusiasm and dedication, and Noteability is every bit of the perfect example of how music teachers can use Prodigies materials in day to day music education! They went all in, and the kids just soak it up!



Students practice solfege with Miss Sarah by playing and singing the Do-Re-Mi scale on Prodigies Resonator xylophones, deskbells, and some other instruments they have. They march in circles keeping a steady beat, sing songs, and experience a 30 minute music class right on their level. Sarah artfully weaves our Prodigies materials and songs right into a customized program, and the kids love it!

Notability is totally decked out with amazing bulletin boards, graphics, illustrations, and Prodigies solfege posters!

We’re so thankful for teachers like Stephanie and Sarah! If you’re local to the upstate of South Carolina, you can check them out at https://noteabilitymusic.com. Check out the full onsite interview below!

We hope you’ve been inspired to see what’s happening at Noteability! Check out our current Prodigies Lifetime Kit here! Need just downloadable resources and video streaming? Our digital membership offerings are available as monthly, yearly, and Lifetime. We also offer a free trial for monthly access, which is $12.99 after 30 days!

If you have any questions about Prodigies, give us a call or email us at hello@prodigies.com! We’d love to hear your stories as well!

Happy Musicing!