The Bells Are Back in Town!!

After months and months of being on backorder thanks to COVID-19 and delays at the port, the Prodigies Deskbells are ALL finally back in stock and shipping now!!

We’re thrilled to announce that ALL pre-orders and backorders have shipped. We’re so thrilled to finally have your instruments out to you and we seriously appreciate everyone’s patience during the craziness that was this last year.

If you haven’t received your bells or tacking information yet, reach out to us at Hello@Prodigies.com or by phone at (302) 307-1997.

We hope all of you and your kids enjoy the Deskbells.

Looking to get your own set of Prodigies Bells? Make sure to use the code HELLO-PRODIGY to Save 10% on your first order inside the Prodigies Shop!


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