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Our Favorite 10 Methods & Strategies for Parents & Teachers

With a focus on preschool & elementary school students, we'll teach you the overarching principles that have made our music lessons a massive success with kids the world over.

Actionable Insights for Raising a Young Musician

The #1 Ingredient to Developing a Strong Sense for Pitch

By understanding our #1 tip, you'll be able to guide your child toward a strong sense for pitch & music. Learn what to look for in a music program & how to make the most of your child's critical period for auditory development.



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You will leave the training with a ton of actionable ideas, games, resources, app recommendations, video tutorials & PDF downloads to jumpstart your child's musical journey TODAY!

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Discover Our Top 10 Secrets for Teaching Kids Music

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Discover Our Top 10 Secrets for Teaching Kids Music