Ukulele Prodigies Coming August 20th!

BIG NEWS: On Tuesday, August 20th at 8 AM EST, we will officially be launching the first set of videos inside of a BRAND-NEW series, Ukulele Prodigies!!

In this series, we’ll be tackling Hawaii’s favorite 4 stringed instrument, the Ukulele, through a combination of colorful lessons and performance tracks!

The launch day videos (about 12 to start) will focus largely on the basics (technique, strumming, chords, simple melodies) and with time, we’ll be adding more difficult lessons and lots more songs!

We’re going to be recommending the program for grades 2 and up, but the material and explanations are pretty age-free, and we’d be willing to bet that kids as young as 4 or 5 (and adults as old as 99) will enjoy the lessons and songs!

The launch of Ukulele Prodigies coincides with the 4th anniversary of our program, and we’re really excited about going back to school with this new addition!

The videos will be available (on August 20th at 8 AM EST) to ALL current Prodigies members (monthly, yearly and Lifetime members) and you can follow along with any Soprano, Concert or Tenor Ukulele.

We’re officially recommending the RB-65S from our friends at RhythmBand.com, but again, any Ukulele (Soprano, Concert or Tenor, just NOT A BARITONE) will work with this program!

I’ve been practicing and honing my Ukulele skills for the past 2 years to bring this program to Prodigies and we’re thrilled that the launch day is almost upon us! Keep an eye out for more details to come on August 20th and as always, #HappyMusicing!!

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